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To start with, I sincerely think this is a book every lady either single or married  must read, it isn't just another book filled with dos and don’ts but it is a very great book filled with situations we all can relate with and real-life stories of people who had gone through one situation or the other. It was a book I choose for my reading partner and I and it’s quite interesting how I was able to finish the over 150 paged books within 10 days.

The book is that great!

Lady in waiting was centered on the story of the lifestyle of Ruth, one of the five women who by grace were mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus, the others being Tamar, Rahab, Bathsheba and Mary (thanks to the lineage of grace by Francine Rivers who opened my eyes to this fact).

The book of Ruth started with the story of a man who left his native land alongside his wife and two sons,before long the father died. The story later progressed with  the sons getting married in their new place of abode and soon enough the two sons died as well, leaving the mother of the house (Naomi) as well as the two daughters-in-law behind. After the demise of her husband and two sons, Naomi decides to leave the land and go back to her native land, her two daughters-in-law showed interest in following her back, and soon were on the way back home.

On the way, Naomi feels it’s a bad idea to have the two women follow her back home since she was too old to give birth to sons who would marry them and the probability of their betting married back in Judah was quite slim, she advices them to go back to what they were familiar with and move on with their life. After much persuasion on Naomi’s part that the two ladies to go back to their families, Orpah; one of the ladies went back home leaving Ruth who was not willing to go back home to what she was familiar with Naomi.

This story serves as a background to the book in discourse.

Let me share some of the things I learnt while reading the book with you, I also added my own meditations on some of the points that I gained from.

1.     Becoming A Lady Who Loves God With Reckless Abandonment.
This should always top our goals list every year, every month, every week and every day of our life. As ladies, it isn't just about reading relationship books every moth, but when the last time you read a book that was was centered on your love for God.

Reading books with titles around Ten ways to get into his heart, Three sure ways to make him fall in love with you, Five ways to make sure he loves you more, books like these are all good, but are you also reading ways which you can show more love to your heavenly father more? If a check was made through your library, which book are we going to find in the greater percent, the one spurring you forward in your love for God or the ones telling you how you can get any man of your choice in three days?

Ruth was one woman who loved God, and although she didn't know much about Him, she was willing to leave all she was familiar with in search of Him. The statement she made about Naomi’s God being her God shows how much she wanted to know into this great God of Israel, and she definitely got what she wanted at last.

God isn't supposed to be the only one who loves us with a reckless love, we too should seek to love him with reckless abandonment.

2.     Becoming A lady of diligence.

As ladies, we shouldn't be among the tale bearer or people whose life goal is just to be a busy body, but we have to be diligent. After the return of her mother-in-law and herself back to the land, she must just have very well decided to fold her hand and accept whatever come her way ,but she didn't, this young woman went to work.

In whatever our hands finds doing, let’s do it well. Are you a career lady? Then, be on top of it, get the needed certifications, register for that course. Are you an entrepreneur? Then be one with a difference, deliver the services agreed on when due, In everything you do, be a lady of diligence.

Seeth thou a man (woman) who is diligent in his work, he shall stand before kings and not mean men

3.     Becoming A Lady Of Purity.

Being sexually pure ranks one of the highest challenges singles have, and for a woman who have been married before and enjoyed the privileges that marriage affords of which one of them is intimacy, I am sure there would have been nights when she would have wanted to be cuddled by just any man, but this woman was able to keep herself and remain sexually pure until the moment when she was finally settled in another marriage. As singles, our sexual boundaries shouldn't be made when we start the relationship or when you are just starting out as friends, it should have been established a long time before a man even comes into the picture. 

You might have to answers this questions yourself

When is it going to be late to visit?

What are your own definitions of a secluded place?

Are you going to hug each other?

Will you for any reason sleep over at each other’s house?

Are you going to kiss him?

What is your take on sex before marriage?

Answer the questions first before he shows up, it is easier that way unlike waiting till he shows up before deciding what you’ll do.

Remember, we don’t prepare on the battle field, the preparation is done before the battle begins,

4.     Becoming A Lady Of Conviction.

This chapter started with a story about a lady who had a list of the things she wanted, upon showing it to her friends they joked about her list of Mr Right and felt it was only God who could meet up to the standards she had written down. As at the time of writing the book, the lady was about getting married to a man who meets her specifications, her friends feels it’s nothing but a miracle.

A lady of conviction is one who knows that getting married to a man who isn't  a Christian can never be allowed, she does not even accepts to date them because she is in the know that every date is a potential mate. She does not accept the proposal of just any man because her biological clock is ticking, but she rests in the abilities of God trusting him to give her the best.

5.     Becoming A Lady Of Faith.

I love this chapter so much. It talked extensively on the need to trust God and have faith in his powers to link us up with the men he has for our life. You might be attending a church were all the men are either married or the age of your youngest brother which means that there is no suitable suitor there, it seems the probability of getting married soon is zero due to the fact that there are no suitable mates around your circle.

One of the real life stories shared was one about a lady who was eligible for marriage but with no suitable suitor yet, she volunteered to go to another country, a night before she goes, she meets this awesome guy in church but there was no way things would have progressed before she was traveling out of the country the next day. She leaves it all in God’s hands and goes on her trip. Few months after she was settled in her new place of assignment, a new construction company was awarded the contract to restructure the school, guess who was the head of the construction team? Your guess is as good as mine, the man she had met her last night in her country was there flesh and blood. That was the beginning of something beautiful and soon they were married.

Becoming a lady of faith doesn't just come by mere wishing, it comes by the things you fed your heart with. If all you read about is the ratio of boys to girls and how it becomes increasingly hard to get married after 30, that is the reality you’ll embrace. While that is the fact, it is not the truth in its entirety, our God makes all things beautiful in its time.

6.       The last chapter ehn. I love a table was been constructed for the things a woman wants from a man and how those needs can be met in God. While this is not saying that you will not get married or be cuddled up in bed with the greatest expression of God’s love to you on earth on a rainy Saturday morning, but it sure will keep your heart at peace knowing that God has you in His plans and has it all figured out.

Why I want to get married
How God meets that need
I want to be loved
... I have loved you with an everlasting love ( Jer 31:3)
I want someone to hold my hand
... I will uphold you with my righteous right hand ( Isa 41:10)
I want a champion of my causes - one who is willing to fight for me
The Lord will fight for you (Exo 14:14)
I want intimacy 
God is intimate with the upright (Psa 140:13)
I want someone to help me in life 
There is no one like God who rides the heavens to help you ( Deut 33:26)
I want someone to meet my needs
God is meeting all my needs ( Phil l4:19)
I want to be accepted and valued 
I am accepted in the beloved ( Eph 1:6)
I want to walk through life sustained and carried. I don't want the whole load of life
Even to my old age, God will sustain me,carry me, and rescue me ( Isa 46:4)

Such wonderful promises, while this does not in anyway mean your significant other would be useless with nothing to add to your already full life, but it means that God and He alone, is your sustenance and you are complete in Him with or without a man.

The book is definitely loaded and it will be a great thing if you can lay your hand on it and read this wonderful treasure and read for yourself, I'm sure you'll have a great time just like I did.

Do give me a thumps up when you finally read the book.

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