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If we will be sincere, it's hard to rejoice with others who seems to have received what we are still trusting God for especially when they are those within our close circle and not just someone on social media or in the neighborhood.

There are times when until we fully enter into that rest; where there is no envy, no strife, no rancor, we might not have those things we are asking for, bearing in mind that it's not only about those things but the character molded in us as we wait.

Most times our default to always grab everything we can grab for ourselves because it might not go round, but that is not true. There is enough to go round!

Let me share a personal experience which didn't just happen between myself and a friend but it happened within my biological family.

I just came back from service (NYSC) last year, so I was believing God for a job. Unlike people like me who were only sleeping, waking up, reading, attending seminars, writing and eating during my pre-NYSC year, my sister wanted to work so she started making some calls to some people, one of them gave her a link to submit her CV, she told me and we both submitted. Few days later on our way home from church, her friend called that a confirmatory mail has been sent to the candidates who had been shortlisted for the interview.

My sister got the mail.

I didn't.

Something changed deeply within me that night when I heard the news, I was not bitter, neither did I envy her, when I checked the very core of who I am, I realized I was genuinely happy for this lady who had received what I was still trusting God for.

I must have been cleared for the next level that night.

Few weeks after that, God came through for me too...

That people are buying  car every week does not mean yours won't come, that they are getting married every other weekend does not mean you won't find your man/lady, and that friends are giving birth all around doesn't mean they have given birth to your child.

In this kingdom, there is enough to go round.

So rather than getting bitter over what God is doing in the life of  your friend, be genuinely happy for them while believing that what God can do for one of us, he can do for all.
I know there are times when it seems your friends have life good smoothly while yours is as though your life is going five steps forward and fifty steps backwards, choose to be happy for them, tell God to help you rejoice with them and make your heart right.

I read online some weeks ago about a certain man whose family upstairs his flat just bought a new car, he was asked how he felt. He said 'I feel happy God is in our compound, when he is through upstairs he will come downstairs.

That is the statement of a man whose heart is right.

Some Things You Can Do While Waiting For Your Big Miracle

1. Sincerely rejoice with them

I know how hard it is to rejoice when other people are rejoicing for blessings you are still yet to receive.
You are still waiting to get married, and one of those in your close circle is getting married, rather than sitting at home and throwing questions at God on why it's not you getting married with how beautiful you are and all, go there, be useful to them, support them financially as much as you can.
Your friend got a great job while you're still stuck with a job that can't pay your bills or worse you're still job hunting, rather than getting depressed, rejoice with them, ask them about their jobs and what it entails, don't stop caring about them.

Be as excited as you would be if it was you who got the job or is getting married, carry the joy on your head literally and then watch God come through for you too.

2. Don't allow bitterness in your heart against them and God

After praying and praying and it seems God is interested in answering the prayers of your friends and not yours, it's so easy to begin to harbor bitterness towards them or worse getting angry at God himself.

You are still trying to conceive after three years of marriage and another friend seems to be getting pregnant almost every two years or you are still trying to get admitted into the University four years after secondary school, and another friend is already writing his project in the University, the temptation to become bitter against becomes so real, but you do not have to allow that in your heart.

Rather than getting bitter against them

-Be happy for them
-Pray for them
- Keep declaring God's promises over your own life too

3. Learn your lessons

Nothing happens to us by chance and as children of the Father, just as it is in the physical when we attend classes and also write our exams, so is it in the spiritual too.

Whatever comes on our path, there is always something there for us to learn, so rather than asking God why it must be you experiencing that delay, thank God for it and be prepared to learn the lessons God will have you learn at that point in time because life is in phases and that phase will also pass.

Some lessons you might learn in your waiting season includes

-How to be patient
-It'll make you to be able to reckon with others who will go through similar situations in years to come
-How to accommodate people's mistakes
- If you allow God, great character will be molded in you
- How to deeply trust God

While there will always be people who still have things you're trusting God for, be it a bigger house, a better paying job, a lovely family, a child of your own, a partner to call yours, but, while you're still trusting God for those things, don't allow what you don't have rob you of being appreciative of the many things you have now.

Ever gone through similar situations when it seem everyone was receiving their blessings except you? Please share with us in the comment section.

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