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Lagos traffic in so legendary, there are even people who have never visited or lived in Lagos who knows how terrible Lagos traffic is.

It's so easy to think that Lagos traffic is overrated especially When you have never had to visit the state, but take it from me, there are worse cases than you have ever heard.

The company I work with is quite a distant from home and due to the bad roads caused by the rain, traffic has become the order of the day for some time. There are days I leave home early in a bid to get to work on time, only for me to get to place where there is a total lock down. At such times, you won’t even know who to get annoyed with, you move from getting annoyed with yourself, to getting annoyed with the road and every other thing in between.  

If you live in a place like Lagos here in Nigeria, you would know that there are a lot of things that must be put in place if indeed we really want to grow and stay sane without titling towards depression.

I remember few weeks back when most of the road of Lagos were so bad before the governor declared state of emergency, I realized I was beginning to get sad which was mainly as a result of the traffic and the precious I was wasting sitting down and watching which lane was moving, most people at work knows me as a smiling person, but due to Lagos traffic, I realized I was beginning to loose my smile and was always frowning.

That was when I put in some measures to make sure that I don’t losse my smile again.

Let me share some of the measures I put in place with you


   On your way to work rather than wondering when the traffic will ease up, you can start having your devotion in the bus, either you are in a staff bus or you are in a public transport, this is something you can start doing. And if you’re driving yourself to work, you can play your audio bible or a sermon just to help you commune with God.

   My family has a devotion every morning, and after the family devotion I try to create out time to commune with God personally too, I used to do my devotion when I get to work every morning before the start of work, but with the increase in the time I spent sitting in the bus, I had to begin to devise another means knowing full well that if I don’t invest my time in the bus well, I will not have time to do that in the early hours once I get to work. After setting down in the bus, I'll plug in the earpiece into my ears to minimize the noise coming from the moving bus and start reading my devotional for that day while praying under my breath.

   If you have done your devotion much earlier in the day, you can decide to use some time for meditation.


Daily to-do list is an itemized list that helps you keep track of your day, it is a list of the things you want to accomplish for the day, it does not take more than five minutes to write on the average and it can really make you feel good about yourself because you can start doing some of them while still stuck in the traffic.

 This is something before traffic came  that I was always doing in the early hours when I got to work, but due to traffic, I realized that there was little or no time for me to get settled and begin to write that, so while in the bus to work and l praying for the traffic to ease up, I write my list.

Writing my to-do list in the bus has helped me in no small way because by so doing, I would able to strategise for the day and not just wonder where all the hours went to by nightfall.

              3.   LISTEN TO SONGS

There is a great feeling about songs that just help calm the nerves and put things in the right perspective. Rather than boiling in anger about the traffic, you can listen to songs from great  artistes either stored on your phone or from YouTube.

 I’ll soon  be sharing a list of my favorite songs to add to your play list, watch out for this post .

While waiting for the traffic to get cleared up, you can use that time to listen to songs. There are days when I leave just one song on repeat, and there are other days I listen to several songs. Songs sure have a way of calming me down.

         4. REVIEW YOUR DAY

You can use the traffic time to review your day on your way back from work/school.

Did you achieve the things you said you would do in your to-do list which you wrote on your way out?

Are there still other things you can still achieve while you’re on your way home?

You’ll realize that doing this will really help calm you down.

On my way home rather than complain and be in a sour mood about what lane is moving and what lane is not moving, I use that time to review my day, I check the to-do list I wrote in the morning and the things I have been able to achieve so far, and I still use the traffic time to cross out other things that I can do while sitting in the bus.

           5.  READ A BOOK

Some people excuse for not developing themselves mentally is the fact that they don't have the luxury of time, while that might be true, but the time spent in traffic can be channeled into doing that .

Reading a book is such a good use of traffic time, you can use the time to read a chapter or two of a book, most people  give the excuse that they don’t have enough time to read, but if something is very important, we create out time for it.

Have a book that you are reading for a week or a month, check out how many chapters it has, spread the chapters over a week or a month, and have a goal for how many chapters you want to read per day.

For now, traffic is a thing that has come to stay in Lagos at least on some routes,  but the way we use that amount of time spent in it can add value to our lives.

Do you have other things you do in traffic, I look forward to reading your comments.

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