by - October 24, 2019

Songs are everything.

Have you ever listened to a song while going through a particular situation and the song was just as though it was God himself speaking directly to your heart?

If you haven't, I have o, plenty times at that.

There is a way some songs just resonates deeply within you.

There are ways songs helps you see circumstances in a different light

Let me share with you some songs you can add to your playlist. 

1. Bringing Everything In Obedience To Christ By Chris Delvan

I can't remember how many years I have known this song but I'm sure it's been over three years, and there is no time I listen to it that I am not stirred to love the Lord more and to become more committed to Him and to His kingdom.

This song sure has a way of making me sober and tuning into what God has for me.

Some of the lyrics are words I still tell myself from time to time.

Want more of God? Then you should listen to this.

2. Thou Oh Lord Art A Shield For Me

The first time I heard that lyrics was in the campus fellowship during my undergraduate days, and recently I later stumbled on it on YouTube.

The song was taken from the third chapter of the book of psalm. One of the beauty of these song is that by lerning it, you would have being able to commit the first five verses of three to heart, so for those who want to get more of God's word into their heart, this is a song that can help you do that.

3. I Believe By Kore

This song is evergreen!

It's one of those songs you sing for a while and then you forget it, and then you remember it and then continue singing it.

I believe makes you excited and helps you keep trusting God against all odds around you.

Feeling down and it seems life isn't making sense? You should listen to this.

4. Psalm 34 By The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

I think it's obvious I love the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, their songs has a way of ministering deep down to my spirit.

Just like thou oh lord are a shield for me that was taken from the book of psalms, this song also is taken from the scripture.

Want to praise God more? Then this is for you.

5. Wonderful wonder  by The Nathaniel Bassey&Lovesong

This Nathaniel Bassey's song is great.

It makes me appreciate the wonder of God all the more, and it also helps me come in tune with the different seasons of life and how God can be seen in all

And the extra one

6. The way of the Spirit by Blessing Ojo

This song!

You really need to listen to it.

About a year ago, I saw the link being shared around on Facebook but I didn't download it, fast forward to several months after, I just remembered that there was a particular link I saw, so I searched for it, downloaded it and it was on repeat throughout that day and several days after that.

The song will definitely minister in no small way to your spirit.

Do you have other songs? Please Share!

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