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Personal bible study can sometimes be a difficult thing to do especially with 66 books of the Bible and so many great character beckoning to have their life studied, and this reason can make us become very far away from our bible.

There are also several men and women of different times and different cultures spread all over the Bible for us to learn from. Studying their life and how they were able to navigate their own time and come out victoriously will help spur us forward towards living an enviable life.

We can either choose to either do a thorough study of a book of the Bible, while reading all the cross referencing or we study some characters.

Talking about the women of the Bible, there are so numerous with every one of them being unique in their own right, although they lived in a different generation and even in times different from ours, we all have one thing in common ; we are all women and so there is a thing or two (but in actual fact a lot) to be gained from their life.

Let me share three of such women with you and I hope through it, you'll be inspired to do your personal study on more of the women of the bible.

1. Esther

I love this woman a lot, asides the fact that she bears my name (Yes, my second name is Esther),  there are so many lessons to learn from her, and it's quite great that an entire book of the Bible was named after her.

From when she was raised by an uncle after she became an orphan, to her getting into into the palace, and then when there was a law against her people and how she was able to navigate her way through it all.

Her life is one which shows how important respect is to a man, how guardians should behave to those entrusted in their care, how important it is to stand for what is right, how important timing and discretion is when relating matters to others as can be seen when Esther wanted to relate the case of Haman to her husband; the king.

It's quite funny that this is a book where the name 'God'  was never mentioned but we were able to see his acts through out the book.

2. Rahab

This is a woman who is not readily mentioned when we mention great women of the Bible, but for me she is such a great woman. Her account in the book of was one which started by telling us of the problem the people of Jericho were envisaged and when the spies of Israel came to the land, of all the houses the spies sent from Isreal could have gone to, it was her house the spies went. After they got to her house, this woman was able to preserve the life of the children of God and by extension her own life and family got saved when every other person in town got killed.

From her life we can learn how to trust God even when it is so alien to what we are used to.
No matter our past, God is still able to make our life great. It remains a wonder how such a woman (a prostitute for that matter) could have her name in the lineage of Jesus Christ. It goes to show that in the kingdom, all we have to do is come, no mater how terrible our past must have been, God is able to receive us.

There is so much more to learn, find it out for yourself.

3. Dorcas

In my journal, I recently realized I have studied this woman's life twice.

This is such a great woman, although there was no record of her own immediate family, she still went ahead to being a blessing to the people around her.

I find it interesting to think that her life was restored back to her on the premises of the good she had shown to others, she was a seamstress or what we call a tailor, and still yet she allowed the light of God reflect from her life. This serves as a great lesson for us in today's microphone seeking world, it shows that it is not only when we are on the altar that we can be ambassadors, we can still show the glory of God even in our day to day vocations and in our various offices

I shudder to think of what will have happened if Dorcas hasn't been good to those widows,she would still have died, people would have cried but I doubt if the compassion would have moved them to doing All within their power to get a prophet to come pray for her.

The goodness we render to other people most times always has its way of coming back to us.

This is my list!

There are several women in the Bible that we can learn from asides this three on what to do and what we ought not to do.

You can make a choice from this list for the next woman you would love to study


... And the list continues...

Have you studied the life of others women of the Bible not mentioned in the post? Please, feel free to share with us

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