by - September 19, 2019

Let's talk about money.

This seemingly sacred commodity that people will do anything to have, whose presence connotes happiness and absence brings so much tension.

 I don't like  the feeling when I want to buy something and I don't have sufficient funds for it, or other times when there is a great opportunity and the cash both home and in bank is not enough to take it up. It is times like this that some individuals after running from pillar to post come face to face with their spending choices which doesn't have to be so.
We should not always wait for times when our bills stares at us in the face that we begin to start doing something about it.

 Let me share with you some things I have learnt in my journey in life on my way to living a financially stable life.



One of the reasons why a lot of people run into debt majorly include but not restricted to the fact that they want to live life to impress the person next door, and this particular lifestyle will never allow anyone live in the abundance they should live. If you want to buy a product, let's say a bag for example, honestly ask yourself the main reason why you are buying and make sure it is something you can comfortably afford and not because you want to pepper your colleagues at work or your course mates.

I have seen people in lack who although were earning decent amount of money but were continually in need because they chose to always outdo themselves. While looking presentable is so required as you will be addressed the way you are dressed, but you don’t need to live a life that is not yours to prove a point to others that you have made it.

Stop buying the things you can’t afford to impress those who won’t remember what you are wearing today by tomorrow.

To Thy Own Self Be True!



One of the regrets most elderly people have is the fact that they didn't save early enough in their lives especially when there were still earning a lot or when things were still better.

I know saving first before spending looks good and easier in print than it actually is but if you can decide to start putting this into use then you will be on your way out of  brokeville.

While there is no standard percent to be saved, but I recommend a minimum of 35% for people who are not married and who still live with their parents, and at least 20% for those who are married.

As a rule, always save a fraction of your money before spending the rest.

It is not every month that the wardrobe has to be changed. You can choose to stab buying of clothes for some months so as to grow your account.

Although saving in itself will not necessary make you a millionaire, but it is a good way to gather enough money to put into more lucrative opportunities. 



While some individuals knows how to pinch money, others still struggle with it, but to be able to save consistently; you must be able to make a budget and work with it. Your monthly budget should include your tithe, your savings, parent's support, transport to work, toiletries, gifts and other things your lifestyle accommodates.

Take a stock of all your expenses for the last month, check where all your money went to, and strike out those things that are not necessary for you, or those things you can stay without.

There will always be things calling for your attention day in day out, but the ability to be able to look away from them is the beginning of living in abundance. After your have been able to accomplish staying on a budget, then you can now compensate yourself by easily buying one of those things you have stayed away from buying.

Do you have other way to save money, please share!

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