Lessons From The Life Of Rebekah

by - September 12, 2019


Most ladies ideal woman is the proverbs 31 woman, and a whole day can be spent talking about her so many traits that makes so many ladies pale in comparison.

But, beyond the proverbs 31 woman,  there are so many women in the Bible who are worthy examples to be followed and so many lessons to learn from them. One of such women is Rebekah : the wife of Isaac, the daughter-in-law of Abraham.

Rebekah was a woman just like us, although she didn't live in the 21st century, she also lived on this earth with challenges and situations peculiar to that time too.

Although the bible was silent about the age of Rebekah when the servant of Abraham made that trip to get a wife for his Master's son, but one thing we are sure of is she was a young woman during that time and had desires and challenges that were peculiar to every woman of her time.

Some lessons from this daughter-in-law of Abraham

1. She was a woman of solid character

There is no time I read the account of how Rebekah met with Eliezer that I am not wowed, I mean how will a young lady decide to fetch water for a old man and also for his camels.

It is so out of the norm especially in this generation where young ladies can not do good to a man except if he looks like a prospective husband or if there are men watching by.

I wonder if I would have done same for Eliezer if I was the one he met at the well that day. Rebekah definitely wasn't on the lookout for a husband because if she had been, there was no way she could have given attention to a stricken elderly man who needed help.

Some ladies have also missed a good man only because he didn't come in a fine attire, or he wasn't looking like what they thought a husband should like.

2. She was a woman who was sensitive

Rebekah beyond just been a woman who was a goodly woman is a woman who had a sensitive to the move of God, or what other thing could have attributed to her willingness to go as fast as possible to meet a man she had never met before in her life, agree to be his bride, while also bearing in mind that she might never come back to her family again. And that was exactly what happened, there was not one record in the Bible where Rebekah went back to her own family.

Can you also do that?

While yours might not be Leaving your location to another location, but life brings several circumstances our way in which we have to be sensitive to the leading of God.

3. She was a comfort to her husband

After she finally became Mrs Abraham, she went ahead to be a comfort to her husband.
 Rebekah arrived at the house of Isaac at a time when he was still mourning the death of his mother ; Sarah. The scriptures record that he brought her into his mother's tent and she comforted him.

This comfort must have been beyond the intimacy they shared. Rebekah must have been made in a manner that was enough to bring comfort to him.

In what manner also are you been made, are you been fashioned now in a way that will bring comfort to anyone whom you come across in life, or are you running out of process?

It is not enough to just be a woman, what virtues are we adding to our lives asides the obviously beautiful face we carry around and the great body structure we have?

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