by - September 26, 2019

This life is a place where we will always find different categories of people.

There will always be people who are seemingly ahead in life, and then people who can be categorized as contemporaries, and people who you appear to have gone ahead in life.

If there is any battle most of us face is the concern deep down if we will ever measure up to the life of others.

Your best friend is married, you are still single.

Your younger brother is already working with a great organization, while you are still stuck with getting a job with a reasonable pay.

The lady next door has a great body structure while you consider yourself too fat.

... The list is endless...

How do you then deal with this?

                                        BE GRATEFUL

I know there are times in life when it seems that everything is not working out and it seems that everything have just chosen not to work out. There is one thing we can do that will make everything go right.

We can choose to be grateful; it is a choice we must always make irrespective of situations around.
If only we can learn to be grateful for any level we are in life while we still work towards all the lord will still have us do, a lot of things will go right. There are so many things we will keep complaining about and feel that so many things are not working until we decide to check things we can be grateful for

I felt like this sometime back, it was this felling as though everyone was moving ahead while I was still stuck in a place, that day I decided to write a list of the things I was grateful for. By the time I was through with writing them down, I realized that there are so many things I have taken for granted at some point in my life.

I know your best friend just landed a six figure salary while you are searching for a job, rather than complaining, while not chose to be grateful that you are alive, you have a degree and that everything (both the good and the bad) is working together for your good.

You can have a gratitude list where you journal all the things you are grateful for, if you can think deep, you’ll realize there are so many things working out well for you.

                           BE CONTENT

There is this thing about when we are content about things and situations; there is a certain peace that accompanies it. Most of those who have high blood pressure are those who have bite more than what they can chew only because they haven’t learnt about being content.

While this is not about being lazy about life and not working towards specific goals, it is enjoying life at the level where you are while still working towards having a better life.  It is a popular saying that life is a journey, and just like every other journey we embark on, there will be several stops on the way, and these stops are all part of what make the journey interesting.

It is not just about the destination but how we enjoy the journey.

 Being content will help you go at a great pace in life because you wouldn’t be in for the rat chase, but you will be doing things out of a heart that is at rest, and things done from that stance of rest are done better.


God is not a man that he should lie, and neither is he the son of man that should repent, as he said a thing and not made it come to pass?

There will certainly be times when we are at crossroads, when it seems that God is no longer keeping to his promises. There will time when like the disciples of old, we also cry out to the lord ‘Carest Thou Not That We Perish?’

I sometimes wonder how the disciples must have felt in the boat with Jesus that day, he had told them to accompany  him to the other side of the river and they have hearkened to his voice, they trusted him enough to be able to go into the sea with him, they must have felt very confident in Him to lead them safely to shore and hence their agreeing to follow him. And suddenly, there was a storm and by the time they were looking for the master who had initiated the journey, they met him sleeping.

I’m sure they would not have been able to believe the message their eyes was sending to their brain, and that action of his propelled them to think that he didn’t care if they perish, and out of the abundance of their thoughts, they spoke.

There will definitely be times like this when it looks like God no longer cares, or that he isn’t faithful, but regardless of the feelings, God cares and he is able to do ALL that he has said he would, only don’t stop believing.

Just like he came through for the disciples, he'll also come through for us. 

Let your worth come from the fact that you belong to God and that he is your father.

He is able to fulfill all his promises, no matter how long, he’ll come through.


 God is able to do just what he said he would do
He’s gonna fulfill every promise to you
Don’t give up on God, cause he won’t give up on you
He’s able 

Remember those times you were praying for the things you now have, there will be a time not to far from now when you will also start to enjoy the blessings you are praying for now.

Rest In That Assurance. 

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