5 Tips To Create A Spiritual Regimen

by - November 04, 2021

Hey Blog Fam,


Trust we are all doing great and following hard after all that the Lord has placed in our hearts.

About two years ago, I had a skin reaction that had me visiting a dermatologist or those we all know as a skin therapist.

I complained to her about the blemish on my skin, she asked some questions and I gave her the answers she needed, after which she brought out some products for me and placed me on a regimen.

A regimen is any regulation or remedy which is intended to produce beneficial effects by gradual operation.

It was funny when she told me the things I needed to do, which included taking my bath at least twice a day and making sure I applied the skin products on my body at specific times.

My visit to that dermatologist had me thinking, I started asking myself questions;

Bimbo, do you take care of your spirit this well?

While I am not against looking good on the outside but is the spirit, the very core of our being looking as good as we are on the outside?

For the duration when I was on that regimen, I was very meticulous about following through on everything I was told to do, and I further asked myself, this got me asking myself another question, Bimbo, do you always follow through on all the instructions God gives you?

Some people can take their bath twice, apply skin products on the body morning and night but never care to open their bible in a day because we claim we are busy.

I know how busy life can be and especially if you are working in a place like Lagos, Nigeria where I currently live, then the level at which you have so much on your plate is on another cadre, but regardless of your location, if God is your priority in life, you will make room for him.

The goal of this post is to ensure you do not only remember to pray, worship, or study the bible once in a blue moon, but to make these spiritual disciplines a part of your everyday life.

So how do you craft out a regimen for your spiritual life amidst all the noise around?

1. Be Committed To Talking To God Daily


There is emphasis is on the word daily. This can be either in the morning or at night, or the hours in between.


It is so easy that amidst the hustle-bustle of life, you can wake up one day to discover that you have not prayed in a month, while praying or studying the word is not what we do only to be able to tick it off our to-do list that at least I have done this, but it is so essential for us to do.



Commit to talking to Jesus every single day, and while you can talk to him as you go about other tasks but ensure that you do not only do it during your leisure, intentionally create out time for God.

2. Take Prayer Breaks

 I learned this in one of the threshing house online programs, while you're working, you can take out a minute or two and pray under your breath.


You might not be able to take out time from the time you are going about your duties to pray, but let nothing stop you from praying even as you work.


As you move from one task to another, talk to God.



You can even create cues around your life that will see that this comes to be, for example, your cue might be anytime you are on the staircase, you will pray, or yours might be anytime I tick off a task on my to-do list, I will pray.


Five minutes here, ten minutes there.


In anything you do, please take prayer breaks.


3. Sing Songs At intervals


My HR used to do this a lot of the time.


Just let a song start from inside you and sing it unto God.


It does not have to be planned, learn to sing a spontaneous song to the lord as often as you can every day.

Build singing of songs into your spiritual regimen.


4. Go On Retreats As Often As You Can

Personal or general, just try as much as possible to get the noise around you as often as you can.


It doesn't have to be expensive, just create a system that works for you. It might be a 24-hour retreat in your room, or a three-day retreat at a camp. Not every weekend is for owambe, intentionally create out time for your spiritual life.


5. Have Solid Friends

Your inner circle of friends should consist of people who can stir up your love for God.


People whom you can chat with and within five minutes and the next thing you want to do is pray.


If you don’t have friends like that, pray them into your life, and as you are doing that, look around your current circle of friends, there just might be one of them that can come into your core and you can both serve as a catalyst to inspire each other in this faith walk.


We all need a community of friends.


These are my 5 tips that you can incorporate to supercharge your spiritual life.


That we all know may know Him…


See you next Thursday.



There Is So Much Light***



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