Dear Single Lady

by - May 15, 2019

Few days ago was the celebration of Mother's Day and so many accolades were given to women who had done excellently in life. Some of these women have been mothers for 1, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years and even more but today is not about them.

Dear Mother In Embryo,

How are you living your life now, is your life not only based on the peripheral and mundane things of the world, does your life has substance?

Most ladies wants to live long enough to see their children, children's children, children's children children, and even stay around to see the fifth generation. Have you ever for once considered what you will be telling  those granddaughters and grandsons of yours, what will they be learning from you?

When we talk about grandchildren and grandmas, we think back to Timothy and his grandmother Lois, that is one of those things that we should also be looking at.

What are you building up now that when you are able to talk to your grandchildren, they will thank God for preserving you.

I remember when I was watching war room, oh my! That movie was such an eye-opener, beyond the fact that the film was an invitation to prayer, I saw it as what God was calling us (women) to something even higher than giving birth.

If you are able to be at your 80th birthday, what will your children have to say about you?

What will your grandchildren say?

What will the spouses of your children say?

What will your husband say then?

Have you ever thought that far?

Would you be able to teach your grandchildren how to pray?

Would you be able to teach them absolute faith in God?

Would you be able to teach them life skills?

Are you standing in the place of prayer now for that generation after you?

Will the stories you will be sharing to them not only be tales by moonlight, would it also be of your encounters?

Sometimes when we think along this path, it can be a little frustrating especially when life is not going as planned, we might not be able to effectively capture what will happen 10 years from now, but how best are we living life now.

What choices are you making now?

What habit are you consistently building?

What kind of stamina are you developing?

 Are you not still wasting time?

It's high time we began to be futuristic in our thoughts.

This shouldn't drive us to begin to worry how life will be years from now, but it should propel us to come up higher from the way we are living life to a higher calling of productivity knowing full well that we will give account of all that we do on this side of eternity.

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