Beautiful In God's Eyes By Elizabeth George

by - May 09, 2019

I read this book some months ago, prior to this time I have only read one of her books, A Woman After God's Own Heart, it was a great book that opened my eyes to see a whole lot of new things, so early this year, when I went to the place I buy my books I decided to buy another one by this great woman and after reading through, I was not disappointed.

Permit me to  share with you some of the things I learnt from the book.

The  book is an exposition on the book of proverbs 31, I know a large percent of people especially ladies are very familiar with this total woman who had everything figured out, but one thing we should realize is that she didn't get to that height in one day or one year, she became a virtuous woman with TIME. Anything worthwhile takes time, we also should be ready to give it time.

Although having all this attributes might seem so far away, but we have to continue to put one foot in front of another - by taking one step after one step after one step- we will finally arrive at our destination which is becoming beautiful in God's eyes.

The Proverbs 31 woman was not just a woman who was conjured up by a man, it was actually a woman's definition of who an ideal woman should be.  We also should start seeing as a guide given to us from an elderly woman.

Contrary to the world's belief system that beauty is just the matter of the skin, I learnt from reading this book  that God's definition of beauty transcends this. It is not just about having loving physical features that is pleasant to the eyes...

Being beautiful is about...

1. Having a personal relationship with God

2. Knowing God's will and doing it

3. Being a woman with the heart of a mother

4. Being a woman with an helping hand, who is always willing to help out no matter how small

5. Being a good manager of time, not wasting time but investing time

6. Being a good home keeper, acquiring the needed skill to excel in this aspect

7. Being a woman whose finances are together,  not just purchasing things on impulse but thinking them through

8. Being submissive to the man in her life because that is the will of God

9. Being able to prioritize and choose her battles

10. Being a woman who is excellent at everything she does

10. Being a woman who is willing to learn  money skills, who  learns how to make money, manage money, save money, invest money, and all these will in turn make us  more of an help meet.

11. Being a woman who values each day, who knows fully well that how we live each day is our 'one step at a time ' towards excellence

Let me stop here for now.

If you haven't read this book, please do well to purchase it on your next visit to the bookstore, it will definitely  be worth your money.

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