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Waking up that Sunday took all the strength in Ara, how she wished she had the strength to tell her parents she didn't want to go to church, but she knew there was an unwritten rule in the family of Adepoju that no member of the family is permitted to stay in the house on Sunday morning regardless of how you were feeling.

 She knew there were so many school of thought regarding the essence of always going to church, that since God was omnipresent then people didn't need to go to church anymore, they could just sit in their house but her parents would never agree to that.

After the general devotion in the house that morning, Ara went back to her room for her personal devotion, as she opened her daily guide and saw the text of the day, she knew her days of hiding away from God are over.

She started her prayers

Lord, I am sorry for my rebellious attitude all these while, I know how I haven't acted in the right way with Mofe, I apologize for all the times I have disregarded your prompting concerning this case...

She prayed some more and got up from her knees to dress up for church.


In church that morning, her Sunday school teacher had talked about God's love for man.

'In our generation, it seems more people are finding it hard to be able to grasp the concept of God's love. They think God's love is abstract, but let me tell you, God's love is real, it is as real as the day. And if we as individuals have come in contact with with this love, then it shouldn't be very difficult to extend this same love to others' Bro Theophillus preached with so much vigor.

About twenty minutes later, the bell rang for the closing of the Sunday school, students from various classes assembled together for the review of the lesson.

Afterwards, the praise team went to the altar to usher the people into the presence of God.

Bro Seye the man leading the worship session was a man highly yielded to the Spirit, she remembered some months back when the man sang the same song that has been in her heart all through the week. If it had been one of the new songs she wouldn't have been surprised, but it was one of those songs that was referred to as ancient. It was very obvious that he was a man who had a relationship with God unlike other worship leaders who the only time they worshipped God was only on the altar.

He started that morning by telling everyone to drop whatever baggage they have brought to church, and to fix their gaze unto God the author and finisher of our faith.

He started singing

Spirit take me than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my saviour...

The choir couldn't lead people in praise session that morning for the presence of the Lord was thick in the auditorium. She loved this about her church unlike others who regardless of the move of the Spirit must still dance.

The choir soon came up for their rendition, they sang Kadosh by Pv Idemudia

After the choir ministration,  pastor Buying mounted on the altar.

'While I was trusting God for the word he would have me deliver to his people this morning, the Lord imimpressed it upon my heart to talk on the topic 'Cast the stone'

After the reading of the text, the pastor spoke the word with so much passion that Ara had no choice but to pay attention.

'On that day, our Lord Jesus Christ taught us a very important lesson that transcends time, that he who is without sin should be the first to cast the stone'

'In the world of today, we are usually very eager to point accusing fingers at others, we are always very quick to judge others while exonerating ourselves'

'Can I ask a question? The pastor asked

'Go ahead Sir' 'Yes Sir' Answers came from different angles

'Is there anyone in this gathering who has never, I mean never ever, done some wrong all through his/her days on earth, let that person stand up'

The church became quiet, it was so quiet that one could almost hear if a pin dropped.

It was there and then Ara suddenly understood what God had been trying to communicate to her Spirit all along that although almost everyone in the congregation had been washed in by the precious blood of Jesus, but everyone had done one thing or two that they are not proud of in time past.

The pastor continued

'If Jesus could forgive that adulterous woman, if one who knew no sin could forgive someone who has sinned, how much more we who have erred in more ways than one' Pastor Niyi paused and looked round the auditorium.

He continued

'Christ taught us never to cast the stone no matter what, then if you are a child of God, why are you doing that? Pastor Niyi ended his sermon with that question. He prayed for grace upon the congregation to make the necessary amends.


When the service was over, Ara couldn't get over the impact of the sermon, she sent a message to her parents who had a meeting to attend that she had gone home. She got home and locked herself up in her room asking God for mercy because she knew she had behaved rashly in Mofe's case. She who had once erred who didn't want to forgive another. She prayed with tears in her eyes in Spirit and with understanding. She sang the choir ministration over and over, saying yes to the will of God.


That day after service in Mofe's church, he had a prompting to go to Ara's house, he told his pastor about it who prayed for him for and left him to the grace of God.


After over one hour in prayers, Ara came out of the room famished. She was about frying the egg for her yam when her phone rang, she checked the screen and saw that it was Mofe calling her.

'Good afternoon' Ara said

'Good afternoon Oluwashindara, I'm on my way to your place' Mofe said not knowing what her answer will be.

'Okay, I'm at home' Ara said to Mofe's relief.


Some minutes later, she heard a knock on the door, she knew it was Mofe because her parents never knocks the door, and by the time she got to the door, she saw Mofe all dressed in a black suit.

It was the first time they were seeing each other after that terrible day in the park, that was over two months ago.

'Good afternoon, come in' Ara said when she could find her voice.

Mofe came into the house and stood in the center of the sitting room.

'You can have your sit Sir, what should I offer you? Ara asked

'I will have water' Mofe replied

As Ara went to the kitchen, Mofe didn't know what to make of Ara's behavior, he expected every other reaction from her but not what he was getting. God must definitely be at work here' Mofe thought to himself

Ara soon came out of the kitchen with a tray containing a bottle of water and chips.

'Let us go outside' Ara said carrying the tray ahead of him.

They sat under one of the trees in Ara's compound.

Mofe drank from the water on the tray to buy time to be able to coordinate his thoughts.

'Ara, I'm sorry' Mofe said looking at the face of the woman he love.

'I should be the one saying that, I have been behaving as though I am a more holier person than you which is not true considering the things I have also done in time past too' Ara said looking at the floor.

'Can you please forgive me for the stress I have put you through these past months' Ara asked

Mofe couldn't believe his ears

'Of course yes' Mofe replied

Then they both stood up and hugged each other with each person repeating the word 'I am sorry' over and over.

'Ara, what changed your mind? Mofe asked smiling when they had both sat down

'God had been talking to me for a while now, but He spoke in plain terms today in church. I would be a fool if I still refuse to forgive you ke' Ara replied eating out of the chips she had brought for Mofe.

They thanked God for restoring their relationship and promised each other  that nothing would come between them again.

Ara's parents came back form church just about that time, Ara's parents greeted them and went into the house.

After chatting for a while, Mofe left Ara's house thanking God for how the day's events had unfolded.


Ara is dancing with Mofe while the live band invited to play at their wedding reception was playing, looking into each other's eyes their thought seems united thinking back to where God had brought them from.

Ara, a lady who had been careless with her body, and Mofe who had been responsible for the death of a lady and an innocent child.

When it was time to catch the bouquet, Tara one of Ara's colleagues had caught it with the other bride's maid teasing her about when to come and eat her own firewood jollof rice.


That night, while they were in the hotel they had lodged before going for their two-weeks honeymoon in a ranch in Ghana, they had both knelt down to thank God for hitherto he had helped them. Mofe served them communion and they ate it.


Their story is of God's faithfulness to give his children, Beauty in place of ashes, oil of joy in place mourning, and the garment of praise in place of the spirit of heaviness.


The End

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