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It's been over three weeks since Mofe confessed his past to Ara. Ara had refused to pick his calls, the whole issue was really telling on her as she finds it difficult to even concentrate in the office.

The last thing on her mind was seeking God's face concerning the matter, she knew what the mind of God will be forgiveness, and she wasn't ready to do that.

She remembered the words of her brother the day she called him and explained the whole matter to him

'Ara, are you God? Nifemi had asked her

'Of course not' Ara replied rolling her eyes at the question

'So, if God had forgiven him, then who are you not to forgive him?

'It's not like that, he was actually the brain behind the demise of a lady and an innocent child na' Ara had said in a bid to make her brother see the reason why she couldn't forgive Mofe

'Have you ever sat down and wondered his current state of mind or how much he must have blamed himself in time past?

Nifemi had paused and continued

'I am finding it even difficult to believe that it's you talking. We both know you are not a saint,  or have you forgotten your escapdes with those guys in a hurry? Nifemi enquired

Ara felt bad that Nifemi was referring to events that happened so long ago.

'I have told him and he has forgiven me' Ara said with a note of defiance

Nifemi decided to calm down

'Ara, I wouldn't claim to understand how you feel because I have never experienced this before, but I want you to know that forgiveness is not what we do for others, it is what we do for ourselves. I also want you to know that whatever the reason, God expects forgiveness from you. If the lady's parents have forgiven him from their heart, I don't see a reason why you shouldn't. We all make mistakes you know' Nifemi had advised.

They had talked for some minutes more before Nifemi ended the call.

That was a week ago and Ara is nothing close to forgiving Mofe. There are times she wish she can place a name to what she is feeling in her heart

Am I angry?

Am I hurt?

Did he betray my trust?

Why am I finding it difficult to let go?

Those were the questions always playing through her heart.

She got a reminder on her phone giving directions to a program she had indicated her interest in going. She was supposed to go with Mofe but with the way things were between them, she knew she would be going on her own.


When Ara entered the hall that the program would be holding, she was surprised to see over 100 people as early as 10am in the morning, she had thought she would be among the first to arrive, apparently she was among the late comers.

The program involved worship, games, networking, and the main teaching.

The man who was to take the main teaching mounted up the platform and soon the whole atmosphere was charged through the words coming from his mouth.

The man started with a popular worship song and soon started his talk.

'As Christian Singles living in the world at this time, if there is anything that we are often battling with, then it would be the issue of being sexually pure in a sexually compromised world. We are currently living in a world where all adverts and seemingly harmless movie all point towards sex. How many of you agree?  He asked

Almost everyone raised their hands

'It is becoming more difficult by the day to stay sexually pure in a world that thinks it's impossible. Let's look at how being sexually pure can become 'easy'

'Sexual Purity often becomes 'easy' when you are surrounded with people who are of the same mindset, people who irrespective of the odds against them are willing to keep themselves sexually pure too. According to the statistics, 60-70% of people who are no longer virgins will agree to the fact that they had sex for the first time just to feel among'

The teacher paused  briefly and almost immediately, a brother from the back shouted 'preach it sir'

Almost every one in the hall started laughing, Ara also joined in the laughter.

After the laughter subsided the man continued

'Since most of the people they called friends were doing it, they also didn't want to termed a novice. And if people who are still virgins also want to be factual, asides God's help, the next thing holding them is because being disvirgined will remove them 'from their group'. Associations makes and also destroys depending on the people involved'

'While being a virgin is not the hallmark of being sexually pure, because we now have technical virgins who although haven't being to Jerusalem but they have been to Judea, Samaria, and other parts of the world'

Ara found herself smiling at the man's choice of words, the seminar really reinforced her commitment to remain sexually pure.

The man spoke for about twenty minutes more on the need to live sexually pure life, that asides the fact that it honours God, it also makes the individual involved a better person who has a grip on his/hersef.

Ara left the venue in a more better mood than she arrived in.


Final Episode will be out next week

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