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Mofe couldn't sleep throughout that night thinking about what Ara said during the day.


Ara noticed that things were no longer the same between her and Mofe. Their communication was not as spontaneous as before, today was the second day he had not called her on a roll which was so unlike him, she decided to put  a call to him.

He picked the call on the third ring

She talked first

'Hello Mofe, how are you doing?

'I'm doing good and you? Mofe replied although his voice lacked the playful tone with which he always talked with her.

'I'm fine too' Ara replied

When there was silence at the other end,she continued

'Mofe, what's wrong, you didn't call me through out yesterday. What's the matter, please tell me' Ara pleaded

'We need to talk' Mofe said simply

'Okay. Where and when?

'I'll get back to your concerning that. Enjoy the rest of your day and take good Care of yourself' Mofe said and ended the call.

Ara couldn't help staring at the phone in her hands.

'What have I done to deserve this treatment? She kept asking herself.

Mofe called her during the week and they fixed an appointment for Sunday evening at the garden not too far form Ara's home.


The week went in a blur for Ara as she was expecting to hear whatever the challenge may be. Although Mofe had called her every day after she had accused him, their call never went past the customary greeting and asking of each other's welfare.

After lunch that Sunday, Ara had Left her parents in the sitting room to go and relax in her room. She tried sleeping but sleep eluded her,so she brought out the book she was reading for the month 'Beautiful in God's eyes' a book written by Elizabeth George.

She read for about thirty minutes before dropping the book to put on something suitable for her date with Mofe. She opted for a multicoloured gown and a black slippers, she applied gloss to her lips, picked her purse and left the house.

She got to the park before Mofe and sat down on one of the benches scattered around the park. Few minutes later, she sighted him alighting form his car.

He got down and scanned the environment looking for her, after few seconds later she saw him coming towards where she was sitting.

'Good evening Oluwashindara, I'm sorry for coming late' Mofe said when he got close to where Ara was sitting

'Good evening to you' Ara replied

He asked about her week and as she answered, she couldn't help but notice the look on his face, he seemed to have grown older between the days she last saw him.

'You said we need to talk, so what is it? Ara asked after an uncomfortable silence

And then it happened, she thought at first that it must have been her eyes deceiving her, but on closer look she knew she was right.

Mofe was crying.

His tears affirmed that what was coming was going to be very terrible news.

He cleared his throat and started in the most sober voice Ara had ever heard.

'Oluwashindara, since you told me about your past, I have not been able to coordinate my thoughts. What I am about to tell you happened a long time ago but I think you deserve to know. When I was in the University, I was a play boy, sleeping with anything in skirt. I was in a steady relationship with a lady then, her name was Elizabeth and I felt something different for her that was not the same for other ladies. She loved me dearly as I was giving her all the love and attention that she never got from home'

He stopped and continued.

'I was able to control myself for a while but along the line, she also joined the list of the ladies warming my bed. After a year of regular sex, she came to my room one evening to tell me she was pregnant. That was the worse news anyone could tell me then. I told her we couldn't have the baby as we were both preparing for our final papers. We opted for the easiest way out, abortion' He stopped and looked at Ara's face for any reaction.

'Continue, I'm with you' Ara said surprised at how calm her voice is when she was shaking inside.

'The evacuation was successful, but two days after, I received a call from her friend that Lizzy was being rushed to the hospital, apparently the process was not as successful as we thought. When I got there, the lady I saw on the bed didn't look like the Elizabeth I knew because she had lost so much blood. Seven days after, she died right before my eyes' Mofe finished with tears rolling down his face.

Ara was finding it hard to believe her ears

'What! Mofe so you're a murderer. And it didn't occur to you to tell all this before now. You even made me feel as though I was in the wrong this whole time not knowing that you are even more terrible than I am' Ara knew she shouldn't be say such things but she was past caring.

'I'm sorry, please forgive me. It all happened in the past, I am a new person now' Mofe said pleading

'I don't think you know the meaning of that word 'sorry', you might go and tell that to someone who cares because I don't. I can't be with a murderer' Ara picked up her purse, stood up from the bench and left the place.

Mofe couldn't stand from where he sat, it was as though a force held him down. He dialed his pastor's number.

'Hello Sir, I have told her like you advised' Mofe said

'And what was her reaction?  The pastor asked

'Not too good. She left here in tears' Mofe said, remembering Ara's tears brought fresh tears to his eyes.

'Don't worry, let her go. I'm sure the Lord who has forgiven you will also prevail over her heart as well'.

'Alright Sir. I called to let you know. Bye bye sir' Mofe said and ended the call.

He waited in the garden to get his thoughts together before driving home cos he wouldn't want to be involved in an accident.


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