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Ara started getting dressed an hour later. She really admired the gifts Mofe had bought, it wasn't just because that the gifts were expensive but the thoughtfulness that went into the purchase.

Soon, she was through, she was applying a little gloss to her mouth when her phone rang, that should be Mofe' She thought to herself.

'Hiya, birthday girl, I'm outside' Mofe said as soon as she picked the call.

'I'm through, will join you shortly' Ara replied and ended the call.

She picked the gold purse on her bed that complimented the white gown and red shoe she was wearing. As she got out to lock the door, she saw Mofe standing beside his car.

She suddenly felt like smiling as she walked towards him, he walked to her side of the car to open the door for her, they exchanged pleasantries, she got into the car, he went around to sit and soon started the journey to Iyan Aladuke.

The place Mofe had in mind for the celebration of Ara's birthday was a place called Iyan Aladuke, a place where the king of food according to the Yoruba tribe was served.

Only My Worship by Phil Thompson can be heard from the car stereo, as they drove in a comfortable silence throughout the twenty minutes drive to the place in Yaba each person lost in thought.

'Ladies first' Mofe said as he opened the door for her.

They got sitted at a comfortable angle, a lady walked up to them to take their order and soon they were doing justice to a plate of pounded yam.

Over the meal, Mofe caught Ara lookinat him and smiling at intervals. Mofe decided to ask.

'Why are you smiling? Mofe asked

'Don't I have the right to smile? Ara answered his question with a question of her own.

'Of course yes, only that I seem to be the object of your smile' Mofe replied

'Can't I look at you and smile? Ara asked again

'Please, keep smiling then' Mofe said and continued eating although he was stealing glances at the lady in front of him.

After the meal, they were served a bottle of juice each, after which they started talking.

'So, did you enjoy your birthday?

'Yes I did, thank you for the gift once again' Ara said and smiled again.

Ara knew it was high time she started talking.

'Eyimofe' Ara called his name to get his attention.


'Why did you propose to me? Ara asked

'Hmmmmmmm. I love you and beyond that I prayed about this and I am sure you are who God wants for me' Mofe simply said.

'Are you ready for my response?

'I am over ready' Mofe said although his heart was in his mouth.

'Okay. Eyimofe Oluwole, I have thought and prayed about your proposal, I am fully persuaded that you are the one I have been expecting, and although I am scared, I am ready to trust God and you' Ara said

'Why are you scared? Mofe wanted to know

'I have never been in a relationship before, and with the news we keep seeing and hearing about, it's scary, coupled with the fact that opening my heart to love is also opening my heart to get hurt' Ara said with all sincerity.

'I won't hurt you in anyway, I  know how scary people have made relationships look,  but you have my word under God, I won't hurt you' Mofe said.

'So, is that a yes? Mofe asked wanting to be sure

'It's a capital YES' Ara said smiling.

'Wow. This is the best news I have received in a long while. Thank you Ara, you won't regret this' Mofe said his excitement showing on his face.

His excitement got Ara laughing.

Ara decided to talk about setting boundaries in their relationship.

'Mofe, we are both children of God, and I want us to obey what the scriptures says about keeping the bed undefiled' Ara said

'There is no problem with that, I believe with the necessary precautions and God's help, we won't 'do' anything until we say 'I do' Mofe replied.

They talked some more before Mofe took her back home.

Ara got into the sitting room some minutes before nine, she saw her parents eating the food she prepared earlier. After exchanging pleasantries, she sat down at the dining table with them to tell them of the latest development in her life.

'Dad, Mom, I am now in a relationship with a man, his name is Eyimofe Oluwole, he attends Chapel Of Grace, he works at Egoc, he is the only child of his parents' Ara filled them in on Mofe's profile.

'That's great news. I'm so happy, that's a double celebration for you' Her father said

'Is he born again?  Mrs Adepoju asked

'Yes he is, you should trust me mom' Ara said although she was surprised at her mother's question because she had always been the one pestering Ara to get engaged.

'We are happy for you baby of the house. We wish you God's best dear' Her father said as he stood up from the dining table to hug her.

Ara left the sitting room for her room and after a cold shower, she went postrate on the floor appreciating God for her life and for the man he sent her way, she further prayed that God's will be established in her relationship.

She had barely finished her prayers when she heard her phone ring. Mofe was on the line.

'Hiya, I wanted to let you know I just got home'

'Oh! I was going to call you after my prayers' Ara said as she got under her duvet.

'Thanks for the gift and the pleasant meal too' Ara said.

'You are welcome. And thanks for the gift of you too.'

'So, what name are we going to be calling each other? Mofe asked.

'I'll call you "Best" Mofe said

Ara thought for a while before replying.

'And I'll call you "Mine"  Ara replied

'Alright Mine, I have to go now, tomorrow  is Monday' Ara said stifling a yawn.

'Okay Best, take good care of yourself for me. I love you' Mofe said

Ara laughed out.

'And what am I supposed to say? Ara said still laughing

'You are expected to say it back'

'Okay Mine, I'll take good care of myself. Have a wonderful night rest' Ara said laughing at her deliberate ommision of 'I Love You'

'I am aware of what you did there o, do sleep well my love' Mofe said and ended the call.

After Ara dropped her phone, she plugged in her earpiece into her ears and played a song, after her prayers every night,  she loved listening to songs last thing in the night.

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