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It was the last day of the year and Ara was excited about it,  not only because it signalled the end of the year but also because it her friend Bimpe was due to arrive that day.

They had both agreed that Ara would come to her house from work due to the fact that Bimpe's parents would be responsible for picking her up from the airport.

Ara closed rather early that day and it was really a battle getting a bus from her bus stop to her friend's neighborhood.

The sight of Bimpe opening the door for her was enough to make her forget the stress that she had encountered on the road.

'Oh my God,  see how big you have become' Ara said with her eyes going all over her friend's body.

Bimpe would not agree with Ara's statement 'Don't give me that, you have also added weight jo.'

'I'm not disputing that,  only that you are indeed bigger' Ara said not willing to give up.

'Okay ladies,  both of are looking good' Kunle, Bimpe's fiancé said from the chair he was sitting knowing full well that the two friends could keep arguing about that for hours.

'Oh! I am so sorry, I didn't even greet you when I came in. I guess I was excited seeing her face after a long time' Ara apologized

'No offense taken,  I also forgot to greet her parents when I came in myself' Kunle replied laughing

'And where are they?.

It was Bimpe's turn to talk

'They both went out to visit the orphanage close to dad's former office, they only waited to pick me up and also wait for Kunle before leaving the house.

Ara sat down in the chair  opposite Kunle with Bimpe sitting next to her.

After they had talked for some minutes, Bimpe went to the kitchen to serve her a glass of youghurt and a piece of cake and they continued gisting.

Ara stayed for about forty-five minutes before getting ready to leave.

'I sincerely don't feel like leaving but I have to be on my way if I don't want to be in the bus by midnight' Are said as she stood up from the sofa she was sitting on.

Bimpe quickly rushed to her room and brought out a bag filled with things she got for her friend.

After receiving the gifts with thanks, Ara led the way out of the house.

'Welcome back girlfriend, it feels so good to know you are back' Ara said as they got to the gate of the house.

'Awwwww. It's really nice to be back. I didn't know how much I missed these faces until I saw it again' Bimpe said looking at Ara and Kunle.

'Biko, be specific o,  which of the faces are you referring to, mine or his?. Ara said

Bimpe started laughing at her question , soon Ara and Kunle joined.

After making sure she got to the car park safe, they hugged each other while promising to see each soon.

Ara journey back home was more stressful due to the fact that most people were trying to beat the Lagos traffic to be able to attend the crossover service.

She got home to discover that her parents were dressed up and  she knew she had to be fast with her dressing if she didn't want her mom shouting at her.

Ara quickly changed her ash suit and black skirt for  a pink t-shirt on a blue jean with a black  mofler and black slippers and quickly joined her parents in the sitting room for the last service of the year.

She couldn't explain why she was looking forward to the new year with so much enthusiasm but she was sure the new year held fufilments to some of the promises the Lord has made to her.

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