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Eyimofe couldn't seem to wait for the first week in April to end, he sat down with his laptop in front of him while trying to conclude the proposal he was trying to send to a pharmaceutical company. He knew there was so much cool money in the pharmaceuticals, and after he has prayed over the offer, he felt released to invest in it.

The money he was trying to invest into Tabade Drugs was not more than ten million, but he still considered it a huge sum of money that shouldn't be tossed into the sea. His ringing phone on the other side of his bed brought him out of his thoughts.

'Hiya Mofe' The caller said

'Sem Sem, how you dey? Mofe said smiling, all the thoughts of figures pausing for a while.

'I have told you countless times not to call me that name, I am not that sixteen-year old girl you used to know, I am a manager now and my name is Semilore' She said with all manner of seriosness.

Mofe wouldn't budge.

'My one and only Sem Sem' Mofe said smiling as he imagined how his friend must be shaking her head now.

'Anyways, it is not your fault. Do you want the feedback of the assignment you gave me now?

More switched from his playful mood at once. Since Ara had told him about her birthday only few days ago, Semilore has been the person he had called to help him out with getting her a gift. While they were friends in school, he had always admired her appearance and that admiration made her his best option for getting something lovely for Ara's birthday. He had sent her a reasonable amount of money to purchase all she knew Ara would like.

'Of course, have you bought it? Mofe asked

'Yes, I bought her a three-quarter blue gown, a long peach gown, a white top, two lovely camisole and a wedge. I remember you said she likes reading too, I bought her a book by Kim Vogel Sawyer titled 'Courting Miss Amsel. I have it in my library too and I'm confident she will love it'.

'Thank you so much for taking out time to do this for me considering how busy you are'. Mofe said with a sense of deep gratitude.

'Nothing is too much for you Mofe'.

'How much will I have to add to the bill?
Mofe asked although knowing that she wouldn't accept anything else from him, what a sweet heart she's got, her fiance Tobi was such a blessed man.

'You want to give me money abi? Biko write check of ten million naira when my brother brings the gift to your office' Mofe laughed at her response although it didn't come as a surprise.

She continued

'He should be in your office by 2pm tommorow, because that is around the time he will be throgh with his lecture for the day'. Semilore said as a yawn escaped from her mouth.

'Lazy child, I can see you're tired. Let me release you to go and sleep. Thank you so much Sem Sem' Mofe said smiling

'I don't have strength to argue about that name again tonight. You're welcome and say Hi to the  lady that is making you shake o. Goodnight' Semilore said and ended the call before Mofe could give a response.

He stared at the phone in his hand thinking. So, if all went well, by this weekend he would be engaged while that innocent lady will remain where she is because of his self-centredness. He shut down his laptop for the night knowing  he would have a hard concentrating again.


On Sunday morning, Ara woke up to the voice of her parents singing the happy birthday song to her. They had showered prayers on her and she had smiled when her mother had prayed that the next birthday will meet her in her husband's house, funny how someone who isn't engaged will be her husband's house in the next twelve months, and although her engagement status is about to change in a few hours, she didn't think that prayer would receive answer before her next birthday.

In church, the few people who knew about her birthday came over to her seat to wish her a Happy Birthday, Nelson had also come to greet her briefly because he had to quickly meet the members of the choir, if only the circumstances were different he would have been the first to call her.

Immediately the bell rang for the commencement of the service, there was a great silence in the auditorium.

During the worship session, Ara had went flat on her face to thank the one who had given her life, she knew it was possible for her to stand up and still deeply appreciate God, but she enjoyed casting everything down even her birthday dress.

The lady leading the church started singing Onise Iyanu by Nathaniel Bassey, by the time she got to the 'you have shown me so much mercy, much more than I deserve', she had tears in her eyes. After the worship, when it was time to give testimony, Ara was called out with others who had previously registered their name. She gave thanks to God, and afterwards dropped an envelope in the box.

The service ended too soon for Ara as she was always blessed whenever Pastor Oluyomi was the one preaching. After the bendiction,the members of the media team which she belonged to in church came to wish her well as she was not among those scheduled in the media room for that day.
By the time Ara got to the car, her parents were already on their seat.

'One of these days, you will still have to trek home' Ara's mother threatened.

'I'm sorry, I didn't know when you left the auditorium' Ara said tickling her mother from where she sat at the back.

When they got home, Ara cooked some delicacies for her parent while her father kept her company. He left at some point to prepare for where he and his wife were scheduled to go to.

'I remember you said you will be going out. Shut the door well and remember to go along with your key' Mr Adepoju said as they left the house.

A knock on the door startled Ara as she  was not expecting any guest. She dropped the knife in her hand and went to the door.

A peep through the hole in the door revealed a man who looked like someone who worked for a  delivery company.

'Good Afternoon Sir. Happy Sunday' Ara said as she came out  while closing the door behind her.

'Good Afternoon ma'am. Happy Sunday to you too. I have a package for you' He said as he dipped his hand into the big sized bag he was holding and rummaged it for some seconds before coming out with Ara's package.

He bought out a small book and told her to sign that she had received the package which she did after which he said his goodbye.

Ara dropped the parcel, went back to the kitchen to finish up what she was doing and went back to her room to check what was in the package.

As she was checking through the parcel, her phone vibrated on the bed. Seeing the name on the caller ID made her smile.

'Hello Mofe'.

'Oluwashindara' Mofe said

'Hope you like your gift? Mofe asked

'I knew it was you. They are all lovely.
Thank you so much' She said full of smiles.

'I need a favor'. Mofe said

'And what is that?

'I need you to wear one of those dress for our date this evening' Mofe said and held his breath while waiting for her answer.

Ara contemplated it for some seconds and gave a positive answer.

'Thank you so much. See you by 4pm'

'Alright. Take care of yourself'. Ara said and cut the call. She placed her hand on her chest as she tried stilling the fast rate at which her heart was beating. Opening one's heart to another person was indeed a delegate thing, she couldn't blame people who had sworn off romantic ties, it was both a beautiful and scary thing depending on who is involved.

Bimpe's call came in few seconds later.

'Hello to the birthday girl' Bimpe said excitedly over the phone

'Yes o' Ara replied.

Bimpe entered into the prophetic realm and started praying for Ara, she went from praying with understanding to praying in the Spirit and back to praying with understanding. By the time Bimpe rounded off the prayers, Ara felt immersed.

'Wow. That was a long one' Bimpe said laughing at her self.

'I appreciate it. Thank you' Ara said joining in the laughter.

'Still giving him a response today?

'Yes. We will be meeting in a couple of hours'.

'I'm sincerely happy. Trust that God's will be established' Bimpe prayed.

'Amen' Ara said and gave a deep breath.

'Remember I'll be waiting for the gist o'.

'I know, I know you na. We will see during the week'.

They talked some more before Bimpe ended the call.

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