by - January 24, 2019

Mofe was busy at work the next morning, he didn't know why he didn't felt like eating anything that morning. He was so lost in perusing the paper his secretary had brought that he his ringing phone jolted him so badly.

 It was high time he changed his ring tone as he wouldn't want to get scared anytime his phone rang' Mofe thought to himself as he took his phone from the phone holder on his table and picked it without checking the name of the person calling him.

'Hello, Mofe on the line, who's this please? Mofe asked the person on the other end.

'Good afternoon Sir. This is Oluwashindara.'

He checked his caller ID to confirm.

'Wow. I'm so sorry, I didn't check who was calling before I picked the call. How are you?  Mofe asked

'I am doing great. Just wanted to check on you.'

'Hmmmmmm. Today must indeed be a good day then'

Ara laughed under her breath.

There was silence on both end.

'Can I take you out this weekend? Mofe asked, it's feels like years since he saw her face.

'I have a lot to do this weekend, I have my worst house chore to do and I also need to make my hair' Ara replied.

'You are calling washing of clothes your worst house chore even when you won't be washing them with your hands, you really need to improve on your washing of clothes o' Mofe said and laughed.

'I know I won't wash them with my hands, but I will need to bring them out of the machine with my hands and also dry them on the line with my hands.'

'I know you will always have a response. Anyways, we can still go out after you are through with all you want to do or what do you think?

He heard Ara making some sounds over the phone before finally speaking out.

'Okay then. Where will it be and by what time?

Mofe told her.

They spoke some more before Ara ended the call.

The rest of the week went fast as though it was borne on eagles wing.

On Saturday, Ara sat on the chair before the mirror and did some finishing touches to the light makeup on her face. Funny how she wasn't very tired even with all the things she had done between the hours she had woken up and now. She looked at the mirror and smiled at the reflection she saw smilling back at her. A look at the wall clock told her she had to start going otherwise Mofe would have been waiting for too long by the time she got there.

As she entered the resturant, she briefly searched for Mofe's seat among the several other people who were also having a time out.

She soon saw him although his head was bent over his phone, she was sure he must have his head buried in a book.

She walked towards his table with so much caution so that he wouldn't see her coming, when she got to hospital table, she tapped the table gently and a startled Mofe looked up to see who it was.

On seeing Ara, he rose up from his chair and they both shared a brief hug before getting Ara into her seat before sitting down himself.

'Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, and thanks for keeping to time' Mofe said smiling.

'You mean thanks for coming late right? She continued before he could talk 'I'm very sorry for keeping you waiting, E ma binu' Ara said and gave a mock bow.

'No problem, what will you like to eat?

'It's funny but I am not hungry at all.'

'You know we have to order something.'

'No problem, anything you order is okay with me' Ara replied.

Mofe walked to the counter and order two big cups of ice cream and a large piece of cake.

He paid the woman who attended to him and soon returned to their table with his order in a tray.

'It feels so good seeing your face again' Mofe said after his second bite of the cake.

'Same here. After the amala and gbegiri I ate in the salon this afternoon, I can't believe I am the one eating here again' Ara said as she put another spoon filled with ice cream into her mouth.

'Speaking of salon, I love your hair, its really nice.'

'Thank you, but this is not the real deal yet. This weekend is when the real deal will arrive' Ara said excitedly.

Mofe looked at Ara, this is the lady he knows, the one who doesn't hide her excitement.

'Hmmmmmmm. So what is happening this weekend? Mofe asked.

'I'll be a year older thiis weekend' Ara replied.

Mofe dropped the cake in his hand and studied Ara, he didn't know what to say to her obvious ommision.

'So you weren't going to tell me about your birthday right?

'I was going to tell you, we just never talked about it before now. And it is  not going to be a big thing, thank God it's Sunday this year. My plan is to pray and praise God into the new year, sleep, wake up, have my devotion, join my parents for general devotion, have them sing for me, go to church, give testimony and praise God some more, come back home, eat fried rice and chicken and sleep. Are said

'Sorry, but that plan won't work this year. After eating at home, the next thing won't be going to bed.' Mofe said with all confidence.
'So, what will it be?

'You will be going out with me of course.'

Ara laughed

'Then it will be a double celebration then.' Ara said while looking into her almost finished cup of ice cream.

'Okay, so what's else are we celebrating on your birthday? Mofe asked

'Eyimofe Oluwole, time will tell and moreover next week is almost here' Ara said as she looked at Mofe with love in her eyes.

'Next week had better come fast then' Mofe said staring at her. He was sure she would be giving her response next week. Lord, let it be a positive one, he prayed under his breath.

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