by - January 17, 2019

From the day Mofe proposed to Ara, they had both maintained a distance. Ara demanded for this because she didn't want him all over her while she claims she is praying about it. They had only spoken with each other over the phone three times in the past one month.

She wondered how some ladies claim they are praying concerning a brother and still go ahead calling him and having him all around her, well people are different and we all different area of strength, she wouldn't claim to be a strong lady, she knew she was anything but a strong woman' Ara was lost in thought while lying on her bed after dinner.

She heard a knock on her door, she knew it was her dad because her mom never knocks on her door, she adjusted her night wear while telling the person to come in.

'Oluwashindara' her father called her name in full while sitting down on the chair in her room.

'Daddy Daddy mi' She answered back as was her custom whenever her father calls her name in full.

Ara's father smiled.

'Should I get you water or cake for this August visit in March' Ara asked her dad mentioning his favourite snack.
'You can not afford what I want to eat. How much do you even have in your account that you want to entertain me? Her father asked.

'I don't have up to a million yet, but you thought me it's not how expensive the gift is but the heart with which I am giving.'

Her father nodded his head 'You are my true daughter, you have learnt well. '

'How are you?

Are rolled her eyes, she knew her dad's coming to her room was not just to ask how she was doing, there is definitely more to come.

'I am fine Dad, I am getting fatter all thanks to your wife's food' Ara answered.

'How is work?

'Stressful but fine' Ara couldn't wait for her father to get down to the main discussion, she knew it must be funny because her father who rarely smiles is looking at her all smiles.

'What has been happening with you of late?

Now to the main discussion.

'Everything is fine. A man I have known for some time proposed to me' Ara knew it was better she starts alking if she wants her to sleep on time that night.

'The one who took you out the other night? Her father asked.

'Yes Sir.'

'When did he propose?

'Close to two months now.'

'Okay. So you're engaged now' Her father said as a matter of fact.

'Of course not. I wouldn't get engaged without telling you and mom about it' Ara replied

'And what is stopping you, or are you among the ladies who take eternity to pray about a proposal?

'No dad, I only want to be very sure.'

'Giving a yes or no to a proposal is actually not something to rush into so that you don't end up wasting your time and emotions. But once you're sure you have God's consent, you can go into it. Being engaged is not the end in itself, it is only a means to the end' Her father said while getting up from the chair and coming to join her on the bed.

Her father continued.

'Most of you ladies, you don't give your consent on time because you want to see all there is to see about the man before giving your consent. Most of you do not have what we call faith anymore in your dictionary at all.'

'In our days, we had ladies who were working and had earned their own money marrying men with no jobs or certificates and no house to call his, but mainly because it was God who led them, and over ninety-five percent of them have no regrets, but the story is different now, we have unresponsible men looking for already made sisters who will be the breadwinner of the home, and this has caused most ladies to take more time than it's necessary praying as she wouldn't want to take up assignment that is bigger than her' Her father said smiling.

'Hmmmmmm... This is so true. Most of us are actually so scared of the unknown' Ara replied  looking at the wall clock in her room, she couldn't believe she and her father have been discussing for over one hour and she wasn't even tired yet.

'So, back to the case of your man'

Ara interrupted him

'Dad, he is not my man yet'

'Okay, back to the case of the  brother, I wouldn't presurize you, left to me alone, I wouldn't want you to leave my house, buy at some point you need to advance in life. Hear what God has to say about him, and give him a response as soon as possible or are you trying to play hard to get? Her father asked getting up from the bed

'Of course not' Ara replied smiling as she also stood up from the bed.

Her father opened his hands and Ara went to the outstretched arms voluntarily, this was one thing she loved about her dad's visit to her room, he never left without hugging and praying for her while she is in his embrace.

After the prayers, Ara quickly stood on her full height beside her dad to check If she had grown as tall as him.

Her father knew exactly what she was doing.

'It's impossible for you to grow as tall as me, you should know that by now' By now there were at the door of her room.

'Thanks for tonight dad. And greet your wife for me, I wonder why she hasn't been here to check you.'

'She was asleep when I left the room. Good night my princess.'

'Have a lovely night rest my precious precious  dad' Ara said and watched her dad walk to his room.

Much later after her father had left, she sat on the bed praying,  and there and then knew it was time to give Mofe his answer.

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