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On the day of his appointment with pastor Obaleye, Mofe left his office around noon and enjoyed the traffic free ride to one of the offices on the island.

When he got to obaleye and co. chambers, he was ushered into the office of Mr Obaleye by the secretary.

'Good afternoon Bro Mofe' Pastor Obaleye said as he offered Mofe a seat in his office.

'Good afternoon Sir' Mofe said as he sat down. He further asked about the pastor's family, ministry and job to which the pastor responded that all was well.

'What will you love to take? Pastor Obaleye asked

'Nothing Sir, I am okay.'

'This is supposed to be lunch hour, are you sure you won't have anything? Pastor Obaleye asked again.

Mofe maintained his stand.

'Alright then.'

'So, to what do I owe this honourable visit? Pastor Obaleye asked.

Mofe smiled and sat more upright.

Mofe started his discussion by telling him about his feelings for a lady named Ara, he told his pastor all that he knew about her from his friendship with her. Mofe told him how confident he was that it was the Lord leading him to her.

'I believe you have prayed well about this? Pastor Obaleye asked Mofe after he had listened to all he said.

Mofe answered in the affirmative.

'I know you are a child of God, and with God's dealings in your life over time, to which I have been privileged to oversee, I commend you to the grace of God' Pastor Obaleye said.

Pastor Obaleye probed him Further and after about twenty-five minutes of discussion, they rounded up the meeting.

'Thank you very much Sir for creating out time to see me, I will be on my way now' Mofe said getting up.

Pastor Obaleye also rose up with him to pray for him, for him before he leaves.

'Thank you Lord for this son of yours, thank you for your dealings over his life over time, thank you for the wonderful things you are set  to do in his life.'

'I pray that your will for his life will be accomplished. I pray concerning his intentions towards the lady Ara, that your will prevails. I pray that your light continually shines on their path...  Thank you Jesus for all...  For in Jesus name we have prayed' Pastor Obaleye concluded his prayer.

And they both echoed Amen.

Before Mofe left the office, he dipped his hand  into his pocket and brought out a white envelope and slipped it under a book on the pastor's table.

Mofe left the pastor's office and started his journey back to his office.


Two weeks after his meeting with his Pastor, Mofe called Ara to invite her out on a date on Sunday. He promised to take her back home after the date. He further  gave her the description Of the place.

When Ara got to the place Mofe had picked for their outing, she couldn't help smiling at the building that stood before her.

The place was really a sight to behold, Ara was sure she hadn't gone to a place that was that lovely before.

She called Mofe that she was around and he came out to take her to their table.

As they got sitted, a waiter came around to their table to take their order and in few minutes their order arrived and they got busy eating.

'How have you been? Mofe said initiating a conversation between them.

'I have been fine. I still find it difficult to believe that we have spent six weeks this year, it feels as though the year is on auto pilot.' Ara said and smiled.

Ara noticed that Mofe was barely picking his meal, which was not his usual habit the few times they had both gone out.

When she couldn't shake off the feeling, she decided to voice out her concern.

'Mofe, what is wrong?'

'Do you think something is wrong? Mofe asked back.

'I just have that feeling, and you are barely picking your food, I might be wrong anyways' Ara answered.

'I wouldn't say you are totally wrong though' Mofe said and took a gulp from his drink, while praying under his breath for the needed strength and words.

He pushed his food aside, and opened his mouth.

'Oluwashindara, I have been praying for some time now about the person whom God will have me settle down with, and I am convinced that you are the one.'

He paused and continued.

'I didn't see you in a dream or any revelation but I am sure it is God. I am not rushing you anything against your wish, and I am willing to give you time to pray about this and pray about me' Mofe ended his talk.

Ara was speechless. Although she couldn't say she was entirely surprised about this, because ever since her last discussion with Bimpe, she had spent some time searching out what it was about her and Mofe.

'Okay. I have heard you. I'll pray about it and give you a response soon' Ara said when she finally found her voice.


With that done, Mofe was able to eat his food, and they finished their meal while discussing every other topic but the one Mofe just talked about.

Mofe kept to his word by taking her home when they were through.

When she got home, she met the sitting room empty indicating that her parents had retired for the night.

Ara went to her room, had her bath, said her prayers and soon slept off.

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