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It was just like yesterday when the year started, but to Ara's amazement, a month had already passed by.

 So many life changing events had happened in just that one month for Ara because in it, she had discovered her passion to help others as well as given a response to Nelson's proposal.

She remembered the scene as though it was happening again. She had called him to ask if he was ready for her answer to which he had answered in the positive, and they had both agreed on a venue, not a church this time.

She had come to the restaurant straight from her office that Wednesday evening, and saw Nelson getting sitted just as she was entering the place. They had exchanged pleasantries while she had left him with the task of ordering their meal. The waitress bought their meal and they both ate in a comfortable silence.

After the meal, as they were taking their drink, she had broke the news to him, she couldn't remember all she said on that day, but she remember thanking him for his interest in her and the fact that he was a very reasonable man.

She further had told him she wasn't convinced that God was permitting her to go into any relationship with him. She explained that she didn't have anything against him as a person and if God was permitting her she would have been delighted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Nelson had thanked her for her response, he said he appreciated her choice of words, he further went ahead to tell her of the response of a lady to his friend which had made the man afraid of proposing to any lady  again.

They had talked a bit more before departing on that day with no bitterness which was the best thing since getting into a relationship was not supposed to be a do or die affair.


'Good afternoon pastor' Mofe said to the person on the other end of the phone

'Good afternoon Bro Mofe, and how are you doing? Pastor Obaleye asked.

'I'm doing great sir, trust you are also fine' Mofe responded

He continued 'I want to come and see you and I want to ask for the best time to come sir.'

Pastor Obaleye told him the time to come and further asked about his job before ending the call.


Bimpe and Ara went out on Saturday to have a time out and also catch up on what has been going on in each other's life.

After they had bought some things from the shopping complex, they entered into one of the African kitchen in the mall and got themselves a plate of amala each and drinks.

Ara had barely sat down before Bimpe popped the question that has been eating her up since the beginning of the year.

'So, how far with Nelson, have you told him yet? Bimpe asked.

'Aproko, I know you wouldn't let me rest unill you hear the full gist. Anyways, I have told him, and he accepted in good faith'

Ara couldn't help smiling as the incident came to her mind

'He was very mature about the whole issue, not that I was expecting him to cry or start rolling on the floor though.'

Ara asked her friend 'Should I tell you something?'

'Go ahead' Bimpe said and continued with her food.

'I was actually scared giving him a no. You know this is the Fifth man I am giving a No. Wale was the first, then Samuel, and then Mark, and Seyi, with Nelson being the fifth' Ara counted with her left hand.

'I know how scary it can be. It's okay to doubt yourself but this is where trusting in God comes in. I know all those men you mentioned except Wale who proposed to you before you gained admission'. Bimpe took a bite from her meat.

'I know they are all children of God too, but trust God when he says he has other plans.' Bimpe counselled.

'Hmmmmmm. Ose ore. I definitely will keep trusting' Ara said as she took another morsel of amala.

'With the way Nelson handled the whole matter and with our friendship of over two years, I am pretty sure he will make a good husband' Ara concluded

'He would definitely be a good husband, don't worry yours is on the way.'

'I pray o' Ara replied and laughed with Bimpe joining in

'What about your other friend, hmmmmm' Bimpe moved her head left and right in a bid to remember Mofe's name

'Eyimofe' Ara supplied

'Exactly' Bimpe said hitting her thigh

'How are things going on between the two of you? Bimpe asked

' He is fine, and there is nothing going on between us. We are just friends' Ara said looking into her friend's eyes

'Just friends!  Okay o' Bimpe said giving her friend a look that shows there is more.

Ara decided to switch the topic

'Enough about me, how is Kunle doing?  Ara asked giving her friend a wink.

'He is doing great' Bimpe said simply

'Only doing great ke, after all the perusal I received from you, rara o, better start talking' Ara said in a joking manner.

'Okay, asides that he is doing fine, I told you he got transferred from his work place, the new place is filled with ladies that are on his neck'

'You know how much I dislike going about with my phone, but since he resumed this branch, I have to be with my phone always ni o'

'And why is that? Ara asked trying to figure out the correlation between phone, ladies and a new place of work

'I need to go everywhere with it, so that whenever any of those 'ladies' are around he can easily call me while they listen to his conversation. Only God knows how many 'I love you' I have heard since he resumed this branch' Bimpe said looking at her wristwatch

'As if you don't enjoy the show affection' Ara said and smiled

'Of course I am enjoying it' Bimpe said and laughed.

Soon they were out of the African kitchen. Bimpe volunteered to drop Ara home before heading to her house.

Next Episode comes up on Thursday...

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