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'Today must be a good day o, because you rarely call me' Nifemi accused his younger sister.

'I'm sorry Egbon, how is family and work? Ara asked.

'We are doing great' Nifemi replied

'So, why are you calling?

'Can't I call just to ask about your wellbeing? Ara asked her brother.

'Of course you can, but I'm certain this is not one of such calls' Nifemi said and waited for his sister to talk.

'You're right, a brother in my church proposed to me' Ara said

'Okay, and what was your response?

'I told him to give me time to pray about it' Ara responded.

'And have you being praying? Nifemi asked.

'I actually prayed about it but.... I don't know' Ara said as she stood up from her table in the office.

'Hmmmmmm.  I'm confident that you know but I won't press further for the answer now' Nifemi said

'All I want to tell you is that you should pray well, thank God you decided to get counsel, buy whatever you have heard or will hear concerning this should be subjected to what will be communicated to your spirit'  Nifemi said

'And remember, God is not an author of confusion, trust Him to never leave you confused. I'm happily married now and so Is Dara, we wouldn't want anything less than that for you. Trust the one who knows 10 years, 20 years or even 70 years from now to help you make the right decision. Hope I am making  sense? Nifemi asked.

'Perfectly Sir, thank you so much for  your time' Ara said feeling as though a heavy load had been lifted from her head.

'Anything for you Aburo, do take care of yourself my child' Nifemi said laughing.

'I will do that dad' Ara said and joined in the laughter.

Ara ended the call and thinks back to when she was still much younger and her brother will sit her down to advice her, she had always rebelled wanting to do things her way.

Thank God she came to understand before it was too late. Although they were now far away from each other because he lives in a different state with his wife Esther and three children, their hearts was still linked together.

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