Episode 6

by - October 04, 2018

Mofe and Ara kept communicating with each other. They called themselves at least three times in a week, it was during one of such calls that Mofe invited Ara to a summit.

'I want to invite you to a program I will be volunteering at next weekend'

'And what's it about? Ara asked

'It's a program on self development, self awareness and a whole lot more' Mofe replied.

'Okay no problem, just do well to remind me a day before the program. And where is the venue?

'It's somewhere around Ikeja, I will send you the detailed description soon'

'No problem, do take care of yourself'

They talked some more before Mofe  ended the call.


On the day of the program, Ara had left her house in Ikorodu two hours before time in order to be able to beat the usual Lagos traffic.

She contemplated on either using a public transport or a taxi, she decided  on going for a cab since she wouldn't want the Lagos conductors to soil her mood.

She soon saw one coming her way and flagged him down, after the usual talking over prices, they both decided on a price that was okay for both of them.

She got to the venue in good time and soon saw Mofe dressed in a Polo that seems to be the uniform for the volunteers.

She got into the hall and choose a seat that she could easily describe. She sent a message to Mofe that she was around and where her seat was.

Ara suddenly felt a hand covering her eyes from behind, she had guessed the person to be Mofe, only for her to discover it was Samuel her friend who is also the music director.

Ara said the first thing that came to her head 'And what are you doing here?

'I should ask you the same question, anyways, I am a friend to one of the speakers and he invited me, the invite came late and that's why I didn't invite you. Who did you come with? Samuel asked knowing well that Ara couldn't be there alone.

'A friend invited me, he is one of the volunteers, he should be here anytime soon' Ara had barely finished her statement when she saw Mofe afar off moving his eyes amidst the crowd as though searching for someone, he soon came closer to where Ara was and she was able to call his name.

'I'm really excited you could make it. Ose gan' Mofe said smiling when he finally came closer to her while also looking at the man beside Ara

'I gave you my word na, anyways meet my friend Samuel, we attend the same church, Samuel meet Mofe, he is my friend' Ara did the introduction.

The men shook hands with themselves and asked each other few questions.

Afterwards Samuel left Ara and Mofe to get a seat at the other end of the hall.

'Won't you be going about like the other volunteers? Ara asked when it seem Mofe was not in a haste to leave her side.

'Not at all, I only volunteered to join the decorating team and we are through so I can sit back to enjoy the program'

'You mean you were part of those who decorated this? Ara said pointing at the design on the stage.

Mofe nodded his head in the affirmative.

'It was a skill I learnt on campus. Although I was never part of the unit but I was always joining them'

'Wow' was all Ara could say.


The following week during service, Ara received a note from an usher indicating that the pastor would want to see  her after the service.

After service, Ara told her parents to go home without her although not stating why she wanted to stay back in church.

On getting to the pastor's office, she  was told to go in by the pastor's secretary.

'Good afternoon Sir' Ara bent a little to greet him.

'Good afternoon Sister Ara' Pastor Gideon said while indicating that she could have her seat.

After the exchange of pleasantries, the pastor got into the reason why she had been summoned.

'Sister Ara, are you engaged? The pastor asked without mincing words.

Ara sat back in her chair stunned, when she had been given the note to see the pastor, a lot of thought had definitely gone through her mind but not her engagement status. She quickly put her wits together to stammer as she said her answer.

'No Sir.'

'And why if I may ask' Pastor Gideon said staring at her.

Ara looked lost, what am I to say now? She asked her herself.

I'm not engaged because I haven't seen light in any man's path yet' She responded in a very low voice.

'I'm sorry if this looks  like a questioning session, why I am asking this question is because a man has indicated interest in you, he is outside waiting for you, I only wanted you to know so that you won't be caught unawares'

'Alright Sir' Ara said not knowing any other thing to say.

The pastor prayed with her and released her.

Ara got out of the pastor's office, she steeped into the auditorium, she saw some member of the organizing band still busy with the arrangement of some instruments while two ladies were moping the altar, she looked at the back of the auditorium and saw  Samuel leaning on a pole, there and then she knew he was the one who had gone to meet the pastor.

Ara decided to go to the gallery  so that all eyes wouldn't be on them When she got to the gallery, Ara chose a corner that was a bit reserved and sat down there.

Few minutes later, according to what Ara had thought, Samuel came to the gallery and came to the corner she was sitting.

He closed his eyes and looked down, for a while Ara thought he wanted to pray.

'Ara, how are you doing? Samuel asked when he finally  raised his head.

'I'm fine, I trust you are fine too.'

Ara could see he was nervous, although it was not very obvious but Ara could clearly see the difference between the Samuel who was her friend and the Samuel who is about proposing to her.

'Ara, I know we've been friends for some  time, but for some time now, you have been coming to my heart and that's why I decided to tell the pastor, although my telling him does not put you under and duress' Samuel said looking at her face.

Ara was glad for the last thing he said, she wouldn't want to be under any pressure from the pastor.

' When did you tell him about me?

'About three months ago' Samuel responded.

Ara  did a mental check, it was around the time she visited her sister.

'Alright, what convinced you that I am the right person? Ara asked.

'Hmmmmmm... I have this assurance in me that you are the one, I have prayed about it too' Samuel said.

'Okay, give me some time to pray about it like you have done' Ara said

'Sure, you have all the time'

'I believe that's all, I would love to be on my way' Ara said and they both stood up.

They both left the church auditorium and although Samuel volunteered to take her home, she declined and opted to sort herself out.


During the not so busy time at work, Ara pushed back the files on her table and stares into space as she thought about what Samuel had said after service on Sunday  and sighed.

She picked her phone to call the one person who had always been her help when she was not getting clarity on issues.

He answered on the first ring.

'Hello, big brother mi' Ara said smiling.

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