Singleness Is Tough

by - September 06, 2018

I attended a ladies camp meeting some months back, and one of the facilitators made a statement about the fact that 'singleness is tough' to which I would love to add my thought.

It is a very critical stage of our lives as singles, but then there are times when it no longer feels interesting,  especially when all your friends are getting married almost every month and you are the one going about from one state to the other prostrating alongside your friends to bring the bride home.

 Almost all your covenant sisters seem to be getting it right and you are saddled with the glorious responsibility of organizing the wedding while still doubling as the maid of honor.

Bimbo I have to go, my husband is calling me. Take care of yourself girlfriend.’ Your friend Funmi tells you over the phone before you say goodnight. You stare at your phone and wonder when it will be your turn to also call someone My husband.


Don’t allow the seemingly tough situations of thesev days drive you to a place where God wouldn’t be, or into the arms of an enemy disguised as friends. 

I know it is easier said but when faced with all those increasing weather for two, you just wish you can throw all caution to the wind and grab the next available man/woman.

You have been waiting for so long, please wait a little longer a pe ko to je ko ni je baje, keep trusing He who has promised, don’t do what you wouldn’t be able to tell God.

There were days when I wished I could say yes to a any proposal I got just so I could also be ‘enganged’, even when I knew deep down in my heart that this is not IT, on days like this, I remind myself of the fact that my life is not just about me and I can’t afford to damage so many lives attached to my life because of the now.

Singleness is interesting with the many previledges it affords, but singleness is tough and we have been made for such a time as this.

Being married and being single are tough. Both stages of life has both its advantages and disadvantages. While still single, there are some things you can do now without a second thought, but will require days if not weeks of planing as a married individual.

Go for that course.
Attend that seminar.
Get certified in your area of calling.
Acquire that skill.
Do what makes your heart pant.

In that sister’s voice,

If it is not from God, then I don’t want it.
If God doesn’t give me, then I don’t need it.

It might mean crying, it might involve a lot of headache and heartache, but know that heaven will appreciate it.
Don’t make a mistake that will be costly to the kingdom.

Enjoy this time before those triplets come.

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