One way to get hurt

by - September 08, 2018

‘I am definitely coming to your house to take this suit’ Peter said to his friend

‘keep teasing me, we both know you have more lovely suits than this’ Bayonle replied his friend as they got into the restaurant to catch up on each other’s lives.

A waitress comes to take their orders as Bayonle orders a plate of ofada rice while Peter orders for Eba.The waitress soon comes with their meal and Bayonle bows his head to bless the meal.

‘You are indeed a good son of your mother for you to be praying over meals in public’ Peter said teasing his friend.

Bayonle shook his head at him, ‘I know I am a good son, even gooder than you’ Bayonle said using his hands to indicate an unseen quotation mark for his wrong use of English.

Peter raised up his hands ‘I give up’

‘You can’t believe that lady is still on my case’ Bayo said changing the topic.

‘what lady is that?’

‘Joy, the lady in the choir that works not too far from my office’ Bayonle said describing her.

Oh! What pattern did she use this time around?

'She stopped by my office during the week with the claim that she wanted to say 'Hi' to me, you can imagine how surprised I was when the receptionst called to say I had a visitor.

Bayo drank some juice and continued

'She brought a shirt which she insisted I accept as it was a seed she wanted to sow into my life' 

'My goodness! Was that not the lady who bought a brown shoe and belt to mark your birthday last two months? Peter asked laughing at his friend.

'Yes o. And as though that was not enough, she came to church today with a leather wristwatch for me which she claimed was another seed she wanted to sow' Bayo finished his story shaking his head at the events.

'I really can't believe this, you mean she did all that? Peter asked although not expecting an answer.

'These ladies should understand that there is nothing charming when they are the ones doing the finding na' Peter said while still trying to come in terms with the information  his friend just told him.

'I mean, the friendship/relationship should have gotten to a certain level before she can start sowing seeds into your life' Peter said as he took another morsel of eba.

'Exactly my take, if Sola were to buy five shirts for me in a week, I wouldn't raise an eyebrow because she is my tested and trusted friend for years, but here is a lady whom I now little or nothing about, we are not even friends by my definition already buying all sort of gifts for me' Bayonle paused to sip his drink.

'If I were someone else, I would have played along with her only to show up with my invitation card, and that will have been very disastrous for her. People like her are those who go around telling the world that the man collected gifts from her even though he knew he wouldn't marry her' Bayo continued with his food.

'We need to do more for these ladies before they get their heart shattered, they are already in a vulnerable position, they shouldn't make theirselves more vulnerable than necessary' Bayo said as he washed his hands and dried it with a napkin.

Have a lovely weekend fam...

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