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'Ara, you have to calm down, the man we are talking about is your boss and you need God's wisdom in handling this issue. I wish I was there in Nigeria with you, but we both know I still have four months to stay in this place' Bimpe said to calm her friend.

'Girlfriend, I really wish you were here too, I will take things easy like you advised' Ara said and yawned.

'Oh! I was supposed to ask you how the training went today, and here I am boring you with my issues'. Ara said with smile in her voice.

'You know you couldn't bore me even if you tried, anyways, training was good and I am seriously enjoying myself' Bimpe said laughing.

'Alright, sister America, but keep in mind that we are missing you here o' Ara said as she got water from the water dispenser in her office.

They talked for about 10 minutes before ending the call.

Ara sat back in her office thinking back on how she had met Bimpe, they had both been fresh students in the university when their path had crossed in the school cafeteria when their path had crossed, they had clicked almost immediately and they have remained best of friends even after their university degree.

Although Ara had thought that Bimpe engagement to Kunle would have made their friendship go into oblivion, but her fears were calmed when after one year of Bimpe's engagement, they were still best of friends.

A knock on the door brought her out of her thought

'Yes, come in' Ara said as she tidied her desk.

'Good afternoon ma, I was directed to come to you by one of the attendants. I came here to buy some items last week and I used the POS, only for me to receive a debit alert that was more than what I purchased. I went to my bank and I was told to come here' The man said in one breath.

'Oh! We apologize sir' Ara said as she got busy with the laptop on her desk, she checked for the goods he bought from the store and how much was deducted.

After punching on more keys, she was able to reverse the transaction.

'I just rectified the problem now, you will get an alert soon. We sincerely apologize for any inconvince ' Ara said smiling

'Thank you ma, I really appreciate this. To be factual, I was not expecting it to be this fast, once again, thank you ma' The man said as he stood up from the chair.

'It's my pleasure sir, and once again, we apologize for any inconvince' Ara said as they shook hands.


'Ara, are you still going to Dara's place for the weekend' Mrs Adepoju asked her daughter as she packed the plates used for dinner to the kitchen.

'Yes mum, I told you earlier this week that I will be going, the deal still stands' Ara replied as she came out of the kitchen.

'I was only asking so that I would know how to plan my weekend' Her mom replied.

'Just tell me you are missing me already' She wrapped her hands around her mother.

Mrs Adepoju shook her head 'not at all, I'm only happy I will have my husband to myself' Her mom replied smiling as she looked at her husband with the corner of her eyes.

'I know daddy will miss me' Ara said leaving her mother's side to join her father who was sitting on the opposite chair.

'Of course I will miss you my precious daughter, ensure you take good care of yourself for us' Ara lied on her father's leg smiling but not before giving  her mom a look that says 'at least someone will miss me.

The next day at work, Ara was full of smiles as she interacted with other members of the staff.

She couldn't believe she was this excited about going to her sister's house, a lady with whom she was always at logger heads with because to Ara, her sister didn't want her to enjoy life and have fun.

One event stands out among other events, she had just gained admission into the university then and her elder brother Nifemi was about getting married.

Their parents had gone out leaving her and her sister who arrived early from work that day. Ara had started throwing tantrums when she came back home without meeting food.

Her sister had tried pacifying her, and at some point, her sister lost her temper, locked her in the room they both shared and had given her the beating of her life.

 The memory of that day alone was enough to silence any other spirit she had. Looking back, she was grateful for all her sister had done.


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