Episode 5

by - September 27, 2018

On Sunday morning, Ara  sat with her mom and dad in the church while on the other side of the sanctuary, a small crowd gathered around Samuel her  music director who had just returned from a two-week leave from work and had traveled out of Lagos to visit his parents.

Through out service that morning, she found that whenever she raised her head towards the choir, she caught Samuel staring at her.

After the service, Ara went forward to say hello to him.

'Ibadan must be really great, I'm sure you have added at least 10 pounds.' Ara said as she sat beside on a chair opposite him.

'Ara has started o, 10 pounds ke. Although I won't be surprised if I did, my mom literally 'killed' me with meals.' Samuel said smiling as he remembered the delicious meals his mother fed him with.

'I'm sure you have at least two coolers at home courtesy of your mom.'

Samuel clapped for her 'Your 'network' is definitely high this morning, she gave me two coolers of soup and even made me promise her that I will always eat home made dinners and not some meals in the restaurant.'

Ara couldn't help but ask. 'And how long will you keep your promise?

'We have a deal for one month' Samuel said as he caught Ara staring at her wrist watch.

'I think that means time up right? Samuel asked.

'Yea, I told my  parents I will be gone for fifteen minutes, and if I don't keep to my words, I wouldn't want to trek home' Ara said as she got up from the chair.

'Thanks for coming to say Hi to me, I really appreciate it'. Samuel said as he got up to.

'And this is what I bought for you' Samuel said as he brought a wrapped gift out of his bag.

'I appreciate this. Thank you' Ara said as they were approaching her parent's car.

After lunch, Ara unwrapped the gift Samuel had bought for her. Ara was surprised to see a gold wist watch and kulikuli.

She decided to call Samuel

'Hiya' Samuel said as he picked on the first ring.

'Hi yourself to. I just saw the gift now, thank you.'

'It's my pleasure. It's time to upgrade your garri deal' He said in a bid to taunt her as he knew  her displeasure for drinking garri.

'Na you sabi, anyways, thank you Sir'

'You are welcome ma' Samuel was able to say before Ara ended the call.

Ara couldn't help but smile as she remembered the first time she had met with Samuel in her church. She had just returned from her obligatory one-year service in Kano and had been a little skeptical about how she would fit into church again after having gone for a year.

That Sunday morning after her family had done thanksgiving for a successful service year, amidst her friends who had come to great her, a man had accompanied them whom she later learned had joined her church while she was away and is now  the music director and bears the name Samuel.

They had exchanged numbers the second time they met in church, and he had been a strong pillar when three months after service she was still unemployeds unemployeds. And little wonder when her appointment letter came, next to her parents, siblings and Bimpe her best friend, he had been the one she called.

It's been three years since then and they been stable friends.

Next episode comes up on Saturday.

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