Episode 4

by - September 22, 2018

'Sesi, the main reason I came here is concerning the lady I told you about' Mofe said

Immediately Sesi switched from his playful mood and gets all serious

'And what about it? Sesi questioned

'We have been steady friends for a while now, and I can say I want to pursue something  more stable with her'

'Hmmmmmm...  Let me give you my own two cent.  Pray to God about it, move a little closer to the lady to see if you share the same faith and if your values align too. Also make sure your heart is opened to God to let him lead you. If there is anything I am confident about, it is that God is not an author of confusion' Sesi counselled his friend.

'You know, this thing is so funny, before it gets to your turn, you give out counsel but when you are involved, all you know suddenly disappears' Mofe voiced out.

'That's true, it sure happens to the best of us too. If indeed God is the one leading you to her, the path will keep getting brighter and brighter, I really don't believe in any friendship or relationship where there is no peace of mind' Sesi said

'Thanks friend, you just helped a brother, I will put all you have said in mind Mr married man' Mofe wink at his friend.

After talking for some minutes.

'I sincerely have to get going, I still have other places to go' Mofe said getting up

'Thanks for insisting that you will not eat in my house, don't even dare persuade me to do otherwise in your house when I come visiting' Sesi said as he escorted Mofe to his car.



Ara sat on her bed after dinner that night thinking over the events of the week when her phone suddenly vibrated

'Hello Ara' The caller said

'Hiya Mofe'

'How have you been?.

'Fine Fine, and you?

'I'm doing much better than you' Mofe said laughing

'Make sure you don't bet on that' Ara replied back

'Okay o. I want to invite you to a restaurant I just found out. It's called Ibile, and knowing your love for Amala, you might want to consider it' Mofe said

'Hmmmmmm... If it is about my love for Amala, I can always take myself out to eat'.

'Okay, let me confess, it's been a while since I saw your face, the Amala deal is just a side attraction' Mofe said owning up

Ara laughed 'And now that you are sincere, where and when? Ara asked

'Friday after the close of work, I will pick you up from work' Mofe said

'Alright then no problem' Ara replied.

Few minutes to Six on Friday, Ara almost beat herself when Mofe called that he was within the premises of her company and she still had a lot of files to work on.

'I still have some more files to work on, can you give me thirty minutes? Ara asked although wishing she didn't have to ask.

'No problem, I know it's beyond you. Do take your time' Mofe said

Twenty  minutes later, Ara quickly went to the restroom to relieve and refresh herself before finally leaving the office.

'Oh! I'm so sorry I'm late' Ara apologized as she was about to use her seat belt.

'There is no problem, and I was not expecting anything less from someone who works in an organization like yours' Mofe said as he drove out of the car out of the compound.

About thirty minutes later, they were already sitted in the restaurant with Ara andvMofe  sorting themself out with a plate of Amala.

'Mofe couldn't take his eyes off Ara wondering how a plate of Amala could make a lady look this happy, or is it different from what I am eating'  Mofe thought.

As though Ara could read his mind Ara looked up and said with a grateful look 'Lord, thank you for the gift of Amala'

Mofe burst out laughing

'This your love for Amala ehn, I hope they don't kidnap you with a wrap of Amala.

'How did your parent come about your name? Mofe asked initiating a conversation.

'Wow,  what you are asking is actually an information I just got to know about  three years back' Ara said as she dried her hand on the napkin.

'Let me take you down memory lane, my parents from the early years of their marriage decided to give birth to only three children, and within the first five years they had given birth to Oluwanifemi and Oluwadarasimi who are both married but couldn't seem to have their last born.'

Ara stopped and drank some water

'After ten years of waiting, my mom realized she was feeling dizzy and went for check up at the hospital where she works as the matron only for her to discover she was eight weeks pregnant.

The news was received with mixed feelings, the family was happy because a new child was on the way, and sad because  of the complications that might be involved because she was around  fourty years then'

'According to what I was told, the pregnancy was hitch free, but the delivery day was ....' Ara couldn't get the right words to describe it.

'On that fateful day, my dad  came back from work unusually early and my siblings were spending the weekend with our maternal grandmother, they were eating a nice meal of pounded yam which my mother had pounded when she came back from work, they were almost through with the meal when my mother noticed some movement in her stomach. My father quickly went out to inform the neighbor who had a car because they didn't have a car by then' Ara stopped when a fat woman entered, she couldn't take her eyes off the woman until she ordered her meal and sat down.

She continued 'when they got to the hospital where she works, she was quickly rushed into the labour room to be attended to, but after five hours, they had no choice but to transfer her to another hospital where they were told that she would have to go under the knife'.

'Immediately they were told, my father started crying, and mind you, CS is not what it is now, asides the huge sum of  money involved, it was not guaranteed that both mother and child will survive. My dad agreed to sign the papers with tears running down his eyes, after then he was given a list of what to go and buy, but as God would have it before he came back, I had decided to come out'.

'It was not a surprise when on the day I was to be named, 'Oluwashindara' was called as one of my names which means 'God still does wonders. That is the end of my story' Ara said smiling.

'It's indeed a story' Mofe replied

They talked some more before they decided to call it a day. Mofe took her to a place where she could easily get a cab to her house. She called back as she was about entering her apartment that she got home well and also appreciates him for the wonderful meal.

Next episode comes up next week Thursday...

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