Episode 3

by - September 20, 2018

Ara woke up feeling refreshed, she looked at her surroundings wondering where she is, and all of a sudden she remembered all yesterday's event that she is in her sister's house.

 She woke up late due to the fact that she couldn't drop the book she was reading until she was through. She  did her devotion in her room because she was sure her sister's family would have done theirs.

She decided to have her bath before going downstairs, after about 20 minutes she took her phone in hand and opened the door of her room, while on the staircase, she remembered that Mofe said he was going to chat her up, she switched on her data but there was no message from him.

 'Ara, is this the time you still wake up at home? Dara questioned her sister.

'Of course not, I slept very late and you know I need to rest after yesterday's journey. Anyways, Sis I am hungry, what did you cook' Ara said as she sat down on a two-seater's chair.

'Cook? We are waiting for aunty Ara to wake up and cook for us' Dara sDara said with all seriousness.

'I know you are only joking' Ara said getting up from the chair and going into the kitchen herself.

Ara soon came out with a tray containing a plate of moimoi and a cup of garri alongside a bottle of water.

'I knew you were only teasing me. Sis, this food is delicious o, I don't have to wonder why uncle dayo is getting fat'.

'I will tell him you said that'

'Where is everyone? Ara asked noticing the silence in the house.

'Today is the day the children are supposed to have a date with their dad. He does not want anyone luring them with the things he couldn't give them in the future, so he is giving them all the love and attention now. He comes back home late most nights, so that's his way of making up.

'At least two Saturdays a month, they go out for their date, and I really love that arrangement because it gives me enough time to arrange the house and also relax.

'I love that o' Ara said as she continued with her food.

Oluwasindara' Dara called her sister

'Wow, it's been a while anyone called my name  in full. Ma'

'How about marriage, aren't you planing on settling down? Dara asked with concern all over her face.

'I want to Sis, it's just that from those who have come, I didn't see light in their path'

'Are you praying at all' Dara wanted to know

'Yes I am, there are times when I get worried too, but I have decided not to get on the fast track, so that I would not outrun God' Ara responded before drinking the water on the tray

'Do take your time dear, don't let anyone rush you into it, I would not tell you to forget the fact that people seems to be tying the knots every weekend, but what I will tell you is, don't get desperate and don't let anyone pressurize you. It's for life o, and although mum means well, don't let her rush you into it, remember she won't go there with you' Dara advised her sister.

'Mo ti gbo, I will put all you have said in mind' Ara said as she got up with her plates in hand to the kitchen.


Mofe got down from  his car on his way to visit his friend Sesi and decoded to buy something for his wife. His friend got married early in the year and were already expecting their first child. On his way out of the mall,  Mofe decided to call his friend that he would soon be at his place.

Sesi picked his call on the second ring.

'Hello Mr man, I will soon be at your place, please inform your gateman'

'Okay, I will do that, and don't forget to bring what you will eat' Sesi said jokingly.

'Don't worry about that, if you don't have food in your house, there are restaurants around, and I remember there is one called 'Ibile' where all kinds of traditional food are sold. I even trust your wife, she wouldn't allow her husband's bestman starve in her house' Mofe said as he dropped the gifts on the passengers seat.

Sesi laughed hard where he was 'Okay uncle bestman, drive carefully'

'Like you care' Mofe wouldn't let his friend have the final word.

30 minutes after the call, Mofe drove into Sesi's compound as the gateman saluted him. As he was about knocking on his friend's door, Sesi opens the door, they exchange peasantries and get into the flat.

'Mr husband, how are you doing? Mofe asked his friend as they shook hands with each other.

'I'm doing fine o' Sesi said smiling

'I don't need to be told, it's obvious from your appearance and smile'

Just then Stella, Sesi's wife who was about five months pregnant came out of the bedroom, she greeted Mofe warmly and was about going out when Mofe quickly went to his car to bring the gift he bought for her.

'This is not fair, where is mine? Sesi said

'No gift for you sir' was Mofe's response

Stella soon left the two men alone as she left the house. After her depature, Mofe got into the business of what he had come to tell his friend...

Next episode comes up on Saturday.

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