Episode 2

by - September 15, 2018

It was time for lunch, Ara decided to go out to shop for some gift items for her sister's children Sumbo and Daniel within the half hour break.

As she was trekking to the closest market to her office, she suddenly saw a car park beside her, on a closer look, she recognize him as the man who had been to her office  some weeks back.

'Good afternoon Sir' Ara greeted the man as he came out of his car.

'Good afternoon ma, I hope you remember my face' Mofe said as they shook hands.

'Yes' Ara replied smiling, her good mood must be robbing off on the man as he smiled back.

'I am going towards (he mentioned the route), are you heading in that direction too? Mofe asked

'I am going to the market on that road'

'Okay, please get in, let me give you a ride' Mofe said opening the door for her.

'I appreciate the gesture, but I wouldn't want to bother you, thanks but no thanks'

'Oh please, it wouldn't be a bother. I insist'.

'Okay, thank you' Ara said as she steeped into the car.

Minutes later, they were sitted already talking about her work and how stressful and demanding it is.

'My name is Mofe, what's yours? The man looked at her.

'I am Ara'

'And why are you going to the market this afternoon' Mofe asked because he couldn't place why a person who works in that organization would be looking for in the market under the sun.

'I am visiting my elder sister's family I need to get some things for her children' Ara said as she pointed at the junction where she would alight.

She appreciated Mofe for the ride as she was stepping out.

'Oh! I won't forgive myself if I make this mistake, can I have your number? Mofe asked smiling.

Ara looked at him and felt there was no harm giving him her digits.

'0 8 0 2 . . .' She dictated to him.

Ara soon got busy going from one shop to the other looking for the perfect gift. She settled for a Black shoe for Dayo her sister's husband, a  blue gown for her sister, and a wristwatch each for her sister's children.


Mofe got back to his office, and got busy with the different files the secretary has placed on his desk. After working for some hours, he thought about calling the lady whose contact he had collected during the day but soon thought against it since the lady may be busy at work. He made a mental note to call her later in the night.


'Ara, this is so delicious, you have seriously improved on your culinary skills o' Dara said to her sister after dinner.

'She sure deserves a round of applause for that wonderful meal' Dayo said supporting his wife

'Both of you should keep teasing me' Ara answered them as she was coming out of the kitchen.

'Bo omo eni ba da ka wi' Dara said in her mother's tongue loosely translated as if one's child is good, then let's speak out.

She sat down with them and soon they started talking. They had talked for about twenty-five minutes when Dara suddenly realized that her children were not in the sitting room.

'Where are the children, it seems they just disappeared immediately
after dinner' Ara said to no one in particular.

'I was just thinking about that. They should be in their room playing' Dara replied.

'Playing.... Then my phone may be  what is being played with' Ara said as she got up from the chair

'I'm coming, let me quickly collect my phone from them. I might have missed some calls'.

On getting to the children's room, Ara discovered that she had missed three calls from a number that was not on her phone. Her only guess was the man she had given her number.

'Sumbo, why didn't you bring my phone when it was ringing?"She asked the little girl with a frown on her face.

       "We are sorry aunty,its just that the game is so interesting" sumbo had an innocent look on her face.

        Ara couldn't stay angry for too long,she had to smile to assure the children that all is okay.she sent a message to the number that she was now in custody  of her phone.she went back downstairs to inform her sister and her husband that she wanted to retreat for the night.

       "Okay,come let's pray before you go to your room". Dara said.

         Then she called out to her children to come down for prayers. After the night prayers, Ara said goodnight to her family and went to her room.

      When she was through with unpacking her luggage ,she went to the bathroom to refresh herself, she came out and checked her phone but didn't miss any call except a text from her music director whom she had informed about her travelling .he wanted to know  about her journey and total welling, she sent a text thanking him for his concern and also asked about his wellbeing.

    She knelt beside her bed and said her prayer ,thank God for his mercies. When she was through ,she picked her phone again but there was no calls.She picked a book she had been reading for the past five days written by Serita Ann Jakes:The Princess within and soon got busy devouring the pages.

She had read about three pages of the book when her phone rang, she checked the caller ID and saw that it was an unregistered number.

  "Hello,good evening, Ara on the line, who is this?

   'Hmmmm,this is the person you give your number to earlier today,"

    "Oh,I remember, this is the man who collected my number but hasn't told me anything about him' Ara said smiling.
"Oh! That's true......hmmm,this is Eyimofe Oluwole ,the only child of Mr&mrs Oluwole,I work for EGOC,I attend Royal chapel and by his Grace,I head the youth ministry there ,I have a first degree in Economics,and I have done some other courses too,I am dark in complexion,I have 32 sparkling White teeth with an open tooth,....is the introduction okay or should I continue?Mofe asked with all seriousness.

    " Not at all,I feel like I know all about you in less than two minutes, I guess that introduction will do for now",Ara said in between laughter.

   "So glad I could make you laugh... How you doing?'

  "I am doing good, like I told you earlier in the day, I'm presently at my sister's place to spend the weekend with her family'.

"And where is that?  Mofe asked

 She told him the location

"I think I have been there once,a friend of mine lives not too far from there" Mofe said.

   "I called to hear your voice and to be sure you arrived at your sister's place safely".

    "That is so thoughtful of you. I appreciate that" Ara said as she turned over on the bed.
   'I have to go'

    "Do have a lovely night rest miss Ara'"

  "And do the same Mr Mofe".
As Mofe was about ending the call,he remembered something
   " miss Ara,are you still there "
    "Yes I'm here"
     "Permission to chat you up
      " Granted sir
       "Thanks and good night " Mofe said and ended the call.


Mofe couldn't help smiling when he ended the call with Ara, she  was indeed a lovely lady, he wouldn't mind being friends with some one like her, he only hoped that he would still be able to keep  his past in the past while he moves ahead with his life.

He kept rolling on the bed as sleep eluded him, he picked up his wweak body to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee for himself, thinking that would help him relax.

At about 3:30am, he woke up from his sleep sweating and panting like one who had been involved in a marathon race, what happened 7 years back looked so real. How could he even think of pursuing a relationship with any lady while Elizabeth is where she is because of his self-centeredness.

He was so disturbed that he had no choice than to pull himself up from the bed and went into the sitting room knowing fully well that he wouldn't be able to get any sleep till the dawn of the day.

He wish there was someone he could explain himself to, he couldn't probably tell his pastor,and he couldn't explain himself to his friend Sesi, he hope he will be able to go out to church in the evening to do his duties as a helping hand in the organizing band; a band which organizes the church in preparation for sunday service.

He is not felling hungry, and the only thing he can do is to tell God about his
Problem the one who knows all about him and has forgiven him, the one who had been his only succor ever since that unforgettable night.

He bent his knees to pray and he knew deep down in his heart that it will be a long time before he stood up from there.


The next episode comes up next week Thursday.

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