When You Are Desperate

by - August 16, 2018


While it is a good thing to be engaged and flaunt the ring on everyone's face, can you categorically say that you have fully maximized your  single hood before joining the highly exalted marriage hood.

I have some times seen people in a rush just to get out of been single get hooked to any man/woman who looks like what they want for the present.

It's actually funny that this same set of people will never have gone past the stage of exchanging of pleasantries, much more get engaged to that man/woman only if they haven't been in such a rush.

Have you ever been so thirsty that you just took the closest sachet water to you and started drinking it, and you were already half way through before you realized that the sachet was smelling. If you weren't in such a rush from the very beginning, you would have detected the awful smell the minute you picket the sachet water up.

So also is it with other aspects of our life, almost anything that comes in a state of desperation almost doesn't end well.

I know pressure comes almost daily, weekly or even monthly for you. I know how embarrassing it can be sometimes.

I attended my church camp last week and it was funny how my friends and egbons couldn't talk to me for five minutes with talking about it.

The pressure from all quarters is high, we know.

But, as we need a clear mind to make right decisions in life, so also do we need a clear mind to make the right choice concerning marriage too.

See, your marriage is going to eventually happen, but by then, your singleness will be gone and irretrievable.

Things gotten out of desperation are usually not IT.


No one can shine your shine.

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