God Does Care

by - August 18, 2018

Some of us, because of the things we have gone through in life: the hurt, disappointment, the so many unpleasant situations of life might want to doubt the love of God sometimes.

There are situations beyond our control that makes us think that God does not care about us.


God does cares about you.

He has his mind full of you.

Where was he when my father abandoned my mother for another woman at age 4?

Where was he when I had to drop out of university at 300 level when there was no fund to go on?

Where was he when my uncle started molesting me at age 5?

Where was he when I became 30 in my father's house?

Where was he when my mother who was the breadwinner of the family died the year I gained admission?

.... And the list goes on.

Irrespective of all, he loves and cares about you.

It might not all make sense now, you might not understand why all that had to happen, but it did happened.
He is one who sticks closer than a brother.

He loves you.

He cares about
Believe it
God really cares about you
He is one who is committed to you and your welfare than anyone on earth.
He is concerned about your welfare.

He does cares.

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