by - August 13, 2018

In my really little stay on earth (I  haven't spent much time here o) if there is any word that is next being 'pure', then virginity comes to mind.


Virginity is not the same as being sexually pure.

Yes, virginity is good, but there is more to life than an unbroken hymen or not sleeping with a lady until the wedding night. There are some female virgins who have done all the 'doables' from kissing, romancing, and all you can think of. Their only reason they claim to be a virgin is because they have guarded against a man fully penetrating into them.

While virginity is worth treasuring, but there is really more to being sexually pure than that alone.

For the person who is still a 'virgin', I would like to ask you this questions

Why Are You A Virgin?

Yes, you have to fully understand why you are keeping yourself.

Are You Pure In Thoughts?

There are some virgins whom if what goes on in their mind can be projected for people to see,everyone will take cover.

While it is good no man sleeps with me, haven't I slept with them in my heart?

I remember when I was in the university, my fellowship president would say 'if you look at a lady/man once, it's normal, if you look a second time, you are appreciating the person, if you look a third time, it's time to watch it (quote paraphrased).

Are You Pure In Action?

There are some brothers that can hold you until you begin to wonder what is wrong, they can stare so much at your shirt until you begin to wonder if a button is out of place.

As a male who wants to be sexually pure, there are some places in a woman's body that you have no need touching accidentally not to talk of deliberately.

There are times when in your heart of heart, you might not see anything wrong, but you could be causing trouble for the lady.

Aunty, we know your love language is physical touch, but please, try and suppress it for now, all this laughing and falling on brothers won't help the ministry o.

I agree there are days when we feel like throwing caution to the wind and give in to our desires, but our lives is beyond us.

Being sexually pure is hard work but remember we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

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