Dear Single Man

by - August 31, 2018

We appreciate the fact that you are doing everything possible, to make sure the wife you will spend the rest of your life with spends it in affluence, and that the children will be well taken care of and have the best of things.

We appreciate the fact that you are trying your best to know how to be romantic, how to be able to decipher our moods accurately and how to love us the way we should be loved.

We appreciate your every move to ease our pain and be the shoulder we can lean on at all times.

We appreciate that you are learning to be domesticated; by learning how to cook delicious meals, take care of the house, wash clothes and plates so that we don't look 50 when we are 32.

We appreciate that you are paying regular visits to the gym so that you can carry us on our big day.


There will be days when your sweet musings will mean almost nothing against what's going on in our head.

There will be days when you might not be able to protect us with your physical muscles though you are present.

There will be days when the arms of flesh will fail.


It is for these days that we desire you seek for Him who holds us when your arms although present will be far.

It is for these days we desire that you have a communion with him, and although your relationship with him should not be because of us but because you love Him.

It is because of days like this that we desire that you know God.

I remember at a point in my life, a friend of mine hurt me very deeply and I was finding it hard to forgive (although I have talked so much about forgiveness prior to that time but when it came staring at me in the eye, it was extremely difficult to do). Whenever I wanted to pray, I was always feeling as though someone was talking to God about me.

Imagine you have a misunderstanding with your wife and she wouldn't listen to you, and then you table the matter to her Father, and the beauty comes when she can hear too.

In all you chase, chase God.
There will be a place in her heart that only God can fill, which you Will never be able to, no matter how hard you try.

It will be very romantic for her to wake up and see you praying for her. You don't have to be a pastor in church but you will have to be a priest in the home.

In all your getting, get God.

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