Dear Single Lady

by - August 30, 2018

Dear Single Lady...

Daddy has started too right?

 You just came from back home from service, and as God would have it, you got a Job that had a  mouthwatering salary.

During those days, it used to be mom dropping some suggestive words like:

'Bimpe, did you hear that faith has done her introduction?'


'Peace, the pastor has announced Sola's wedding in our church today.'

You roll your eyes because you already know where your mom is headed, but you don't want to get into an argument over why you are still single at 27, you quietly pick your plate off the dining table and excuse yourself.

You thought the days of taunting were over, only for your dad to pick up from where your mom immediately after your 29th birthday, unlike your mom who stylishly asks, your dad asks directly without mincing words

'Lola, you are coming from  yet another wedding ba, when are you doing yours?'


'Phoebe, when are you bringing a man home, your younger is ready to get married and we wouldn't want her to get married before you.'

You wish you can tell him that

'although you are not getting younger, but the lord will make all things beautiful when the time is right, and that your sister can go ahead and get married, it won't disturb your marriage in any way when it is time.' You respond in your mind since you can not voice out your thought.

You continue viewing the TV although you can't grasp anything the presenter is saying.

It is on days like this you wish you can just jump at any guy who winks at you, and then go ahead and marry him either God wants it or not.

But, let me remind you,

Marriage is not that five-year course, or that 4-unit course in the university, or the one-year mandatory service, it is a whole lot bigger and larger than that.

It is a place of no return. No matter the years spent on earth, the bulk of it will be spent with that person (that's a long time to cry if you ask me).

The choice of whom to get married to is not just about YOU, it's way beyond you,  You can think about the fact that 'I love him and that's all that matter', but by the time the man you 'love' starts sleeping with your sister, your house help or worse your seven-year daughter, I'm sure you will wish you can throw 'love' out of the earth if it were possible.

Don't let family pressure make you run into a relationship that isn't IT.

They mean well, but God means best.

Love from here.

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