The blessedness In No

by - July 02, 2018

Can there ever be a blessing when God says no on a particular issue? 

Have you ever prayed, fasted, sowed seeds, honoured men of God, and did all you could and it still seems the answer is no? 

You might have been in these situations, or you might be going through one, and yours might still be on the way (Yes, it will come). 

I want to remind you that God is a very good father irrespective of what we may have in mind when we are going through trying times, but as a good father that he is, there are times he must deny requests that would insult the greater destiny he has prepared for those who are his (of which we are one). 

As spritual and sensitive as we are, there are still some things that are hidden from us, which only God, who sees the past and future in a glance knows.

 There are different phases of our life that we haven't begun to operate in, but God already sees that and hence, the essence for his saying No. 

Often times as his children, we sometimes want to make choices based on our present circumstances or situations. It might be a choice of the state to reside in, choice of house to stay, choice of whom to be friends with, choice of company to work in, or even the choice of who to marry.

 It is so possible that, left to mankind and as short-sighted as we are, we might settle down for what is only good for the now, but which might be toxic for the future, and hence God saying No. 

There are times when what is coming might actually seem good, but, either the timing is wrong or from God's position, he can see that the future is bleak. 

He says No for our sake. 

Most times, we term open doors as being from God and closed doors as being from the enemy, but it is significant to understand that the shut door is just as much a move of God as the open door. 

If the door is just closed by the enemy, and he is trying to get us to give up on your dream, prayer and praise will unlock it, all we have to do is to tarry there. 


If the door is closed by a sovereign decision of an all-wise God, and prayer and praise does not open it, then we  must accept his decision. 

Remember, He Says No For Our Sake

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