by - July 02, 2018

Few months back, I updated a prayer on my WhatsApp status which says

"Lord, help me never to despise or oppose what I do not understand"

As at then, I really didn't get the full understanding of that prayer until recently when I was studying the book of Galatians.

My main emphasis will be on Gal 2:7-9

'In fact, when Peter, James, and John, who were known as the pillars of the church, saw how greatly God had used me in winning the Gentiles, just as Peter had been blessed so greatly in his preaching to the Jews—for the same God gave us each our special gifts—they shook hands with Barnabas and me and encouraged us to keep right on with our preaching to the Gentiles while they continued their work with the Jew.'

Here are some of the lessons I learnt.

1. Paul acknowledged the fact that although Peter was preaching to the Jews, which was an assignment quite different from his which was basically to the gentiles, he still went ahead to affirm that it was from God and he gives gifts liberally to everyone even if they are not the same. 

2. He recognized the dimension that he was sent to the gentiles while Peter was sent to the Jews.

3. It could have been way below him if he had expected Peter to do his assignment like he was doing his since the master did not send them to the same set of people. 

4. And since their assignments differ, their methods and techniques will be different. Although everything still centres on God. 

As we about in our journey in life, may God help us see Him in people and assignment quite different from ours. 

Have a wonderful week friends. 


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