by - June 12, 2018


I Love My Dad, But......

For the ladies like me who have fathers who love them and would do anything for them, we might get tempted to feel that our husband must also continue from where our father stopped.

I for one have a very very very very very very very loving father, this is a man who I felt no matter the trouble or situation I got in, I believed that he could settle it.

Let me give you some examples

I remember in my university days, my twin sis and I attended the same university, and there are days when we have to cook and because we didn't discuss it before we departed, and I don't have sufficient airtime, guess what I would do?

 I wouldn't credit my phone nor wait till I was going home to buy the ingredients...

 I would call my father and plead with him to call my sister to tell her to buy ingredients and cook (you can imagine the miles apart), and he will do just that.

I can't remember ever buying call card for more than three times in the university (you can guess who makes sure my phone is loaded).

Imagine me bringing this kind of mindset into marriage (Always expecting my husband to credit my phone at ALL times, and always ready to put a call across without looking for solutions around me).

I agree that your challenges should OUR challenges,   but remember you are supposed to be a helpmeet and not another problem to be solved.

There are some expectations from fathers to daughters and there are some from husband to wives, all of which are different from themselves.

You will always be a baby to your father, but you and your husband are two adults who will be expected to take decision that will affect not just your life but that of the children too.

Although nothing is wrong with you expecting to be pampered by your husband, but be realistic with it.

There are a lot of ladies already setting themselves up for tears later on in life because of the mindset they harbour today.

Don't let your husband begin to feel that he is competing with your father.

Your father is your father ( like my father will always be my father).

Your husband is your husband.


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