by - June 06, 2018

Women and Emotions

Do you know that emotion is the greatest asset of a woman???

 A strong woman is a woman who shows emotions in everything she does.

A strong woman is a woman with strength wrapped in her emotions.

That a woman shows her emotions either by laughing or crying or doing other things is not a yardstick for weakness, it is strength.

Due to what some women have gone through in life, you would never see their tears or laughter, they are usually walking with their defences up.

This is not the right way to live.

Yes, you've been hurt.

Yes, you've been abused.

Yes, you've been betrayed.

Yes, you've had your emotions trampled upon.


Life is beyond that.

This too shall pass.

Stop trying to be what you are not.
Stop trying to cover up your real self.
There is more to you.
Come out of Hiding.
Our emotions is Our strength.
Either as a wife, a career woman, a mother, or an entrepreneur. Emotions is needed, and women are the custodian.
The weakest woman is a woman who shows no emotion. She's scared of having to deal with the consequences of her emotions...
Tears is not a weakness.
Your strong will is also an emotion. Use it well.

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