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While i was much younger, i used to have a bad habit (although at that time i wouldn't agree that it was bad). 

I found it very difficult to be friends with people who i didn't think had features that were pleasant to my eyes.

I refused to see the other pleasant features in people, once they were not beautiful by my standard, i wouldn't even strike any discussion with them.

It got so bad that i couldn't even carry a child whom i felt wasn't beautiful. 

Then few years down the line, when i knew better, i began to see past the beautiful face and physique, i started demanding more from people i call friends than a beautiful face. 

You have a beautiful face, we agree, but asides that beautiful face, what else can you bring to the table. 

Recently, there was a new trend of sex dolls in vogue that had all a woman physique, then a friend asked a question and said 'what else can you give asides your physique?'

If the only pleasure we can give as a lady is the same as the pleasure a sex doll can give, then it is time to quit that path.

If the only asset we have to offer anyone is 'beauty', then we are in for a huge shock. 

In this era of make-up, anyone can be made beautiful, but seek for beauty treatments that last. 

What then are the beauty treatments that last? 

1. Communion with God

Here, i do not just mean someome who bears a Christian name or someone who goes to church and actively participates in all the activities. While it is good to work for God, God desires that we walk with him. 

A deep communion with God is what distinguishes a nominal Christian and a Christian recognized by heaven.

There is something charming about a warrior on heels. Be one. 

2.  Consistent character 

There are ladies who are never word bound, one wouldn't buy them for a penny.  While it is getting harder in the world of today to get ladies who have solid character (and not just pretenders), whose private life and public life match, we must be strive to be the standard. 

What do the people around you complain most about you? There is an adage in Yoruba that says 'Efin ni iwa', meaning 'Character is a smoke'. Rather than trying to cover what will still be uncovered, why 'kukuma' make something that is public friendly (even when it gets to public eye, there will be  no need to be embarrassed).

3.  Mental development 

Although we are in the 21st century, with the way and manner some ladies think, you will think we are in the 19th century. A more reason why this is rampant is because of the nonchalant attitude of some ladies towards their mental health.

 It is of no use having an almost empty brain on a beautiful face (a friend of mine describes it as a public holiday on a Saturday, it's totally useless).  It is possible to be physically  beautiful and mentally beautiful as well.

 You can choose to start with what a book per month and jot down the lessons learnt. In this era of e-books, it should be a crime punishable by taking Beam to cinemas if you don't read (smiles). Let's start reading, it doesn't hurt. 

4.  Be domesticated

Believe me when i tell you that no man wants to marry another man into his house. While the essence of having beauty treatments that last is not so you could attract a man, but this is a natural phenomenon that is bound to happen, and when it finally happens, we want t back to the o be ready for it. 

Learn how to sweep, learn how to properly wash your clothes, learn how to properly wash your hair, learn how to COOK, learn how to arrange a room. 

Keep learning. You will be glad you did.

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