by - June 07, 2018

Can we say this prayer together,

"Lord, until you are finished

processing me, please don’t send

anyone my way.

What is Beam saying again?

Have you ever had to eat a meal that was half cooked, probably because the cook doesn't know how to cook or because Nepa took light and you were using electric cooker (Yea Yea, i know the feeling).

Have you ever had to eat a fruit that was not ripe on the inside but only good on the outside?

While the outcome of those situations were not palatable, now imagine if it were a human being. We have so many people who are half baked, who only look good on the outside but can be toxic if consumed.

It is an established fact that we are in a jet age where everything must be done fast, but there are still some processes that we must go through if we want to be correct individuals.

While some people are miracles on two legs, others are accident going somewhere to happen.

One of the reasons why you are not engaged/married yet might be that God is still doing some things in your life that will make you better prepared for who He is sending your way.

There are some assignments that requires deep work, while some might not necessarily be as deep. Only God knows what he is calling you to be, you are not involved in a competition with anyone.

If you are becoming too desperate to get married, it is most likely that you are liable to choose wrong. Have you ever had to eat a meal when you were so famished, it is most likely you just ate in a rush, and it was only after you have gulped down half of the meal did you realise that the plate was dirty and wouldn't have ate with it if you were not so hungry.

Things gotten In a rush most times are usually beneath things that are chosen under calm situations.

Don't jump out of process.

Develop all the strength you need now, for you are going to need it.

If you are tempted by all the white dresses and diamond ring, buy a white dress for yourself and a ring, then wear it to the next concert your church organises (Smikes). There is more to marriage than a white gown, flowers and gits.

If you are tempted by all the black suit and 'agbada' you see, buy a black suit and white shirt, then wear it to the next diner night your company organises.

So, can we say the prayer again

“Lord, until you are finished

processing me, please don’t send

anyone my way.

Be careful what you ask for, because you will get it.

But no need to worry...

It will yield tremendous result.

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